well, good news but with a touch of not so good but could be worse , mmmm whats new then lol!!

First want to say thank you to you all. for your comments your wishes and thoughts..warmed my heart .

Had my check up, and got ot have a colonoscopy in march but more just to confirm that not my cancer , But it appears to Diviculitus. painfull and awkward but can be sorted hopefully . Will have to see how it goes for now, but am relieved. Just wish it had been my old consultant but he retired and the new one seemed to think any prob other than the pain was a result of my radiotherapy .Which it prob is but not as friendly as the old chap lol and seemed in a hurry . . But it now in the lap of my GP . and see how it goes until check up with oncologist in August . But the driving has made me tired so early night , and thank you all again so very much. xxxxxx

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I got a suggestion ... stop driving, apart from having more energy, the roads would be a safer place ... one less woman :)


Oh my, was a thought! then I felt compelled to post it ehhehe


Oh that is good news - I have been thinking about you - what is Diviculitus?

You take care - and as to PeteC comment this woman is the only driver in the household so my family put up with my driving or walk he he he

take care and keep warm. Keep us posted


ah thank you Petec i do try to do my bit for traffic and not go on the road, but the pavement a bit narrow, and those things ,,er um,,,, what are they called ...... oh people get in the way

I make my daughter drive normally but she had the nerve to go to work today .what is the world coming too ,lol

Susanh , diviculitus, is the inflamation of the bowel and colon it makes little pockets or something, will really have to look it up again, but can be helped with antibiotics,as long as do not have reaction to them It will get soted . yay ,,xx


Thanks for the informtion - I hoep they can make it more bearable - you take care xxx


That must be a huge relief to you - never mind the driving it's not colon cancer and can be sorted and that's really great news.

If you see a man in a black suit and bowler hat trundling along the pavement you could aim directly for him and then swerve at the last mo saying "sorry us woman drivers what are we like eh?" - to the hat. TTx


Such hostility!


Pleased you have had your mind set at rest.. though a flare of divertitculitis can be nasty my mum spent several days in hospital on iv anti biotics in 2008 x


Hi summer , yes I know there can be problem with divertitulitus, but for me it a relif it not cancer again , as there not alot they can do if it was , I can not have chemo again as it would" kill me "(as told by my oncologist , ) as it caused a massive P E before and can not have radiotherapy and an op well good chance IF they operate prob will not survive , as high risk, so having something that will not need surgery at least for a very long time I hope, is good news to me , may mean this year is going ot be hospital stay free yay .

Have had one lot of strong antibiotics and the pain is masked by the fact i take morphine slow relaese for my RA and back pain so can cope with that also. at mo. xxx


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