Films....Sorry it kind of a question but a poll as well lol!

I know its kind of a question, sorry i know its in the wrong place.....but

Whats the best film you have watched recently?

Ive watched in the last week, Django unchained, The Help and tonight the latest Madagascar in 3d (was out ages ago)

Django was kind of strange yet funny, another tarrantino film.

The Help touched a very soft spot, i really enjoyed it.

Madagascar 3d was good as it was in 3d but not the best Madagascar film.

Am about to invite all the girls over to watch The Impossible, weve all waited till my hubby goes away to watch it, think they just like my big telly lol!

Whats the best film youve watched recently?

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  • skyfall xx

  • Got to be Les Mis for me. Read the book, seen it in the west end (havn't got the T-Shirt tho). But I really enjoyed the film version best. And ok all the other blokes out there can call me a

  • Sorry but fell asleep during Skyfall! Not that i found it boring but had had a bad nights sleep before and so nodded off!

    Weve got Les Mis but i dont fancy it, hubby does (strange) and m mum loved it and sobbed at the end.

  • Please watch it, and if hubby doesn't like it, watch on your own. To good to miss.

  • les mis. the songs have a lot of meaning for me but particularly Bring Him Home.

    my lovely Dad learned the words to it.

    one day we were sat in a small shopping centre hall, it was almost empty but I was in too much pain to go back to the car.

    he said no rush, just sit back, shut your eyes and relax.

    then in the sweetest hushed tones he quietly sang it to me - beautifully, he had a good voice.

    I cried silently right through. I was 38 but he did it for his little girl..

    we had a male choir at his funeral and they sang it for him, my Dad.

    good topic but its made me cry,.but thanks, for a few minutes I could relive it in my mind.

    Witness is another favourite.



  • Sandra that was soo lovely it brought a tear to my eye as

  • Oh Sandra goosebumps xxxxxx

  • Omg Sandra that brought huge blubbery tears streaming down my face! Im so sorry for the loss of your father and sorry i brought it back up for you?

    I didnt mean to cause anyone any pain.



  • oh just the opposite Josie, you gave me a chance to remember that lovely moment. thank you.

    sandra x

  • les mis for me too its such a moving film and the songs love it watched it in west end plus my own town by a young theatrical group they were great now the film also enjoyed skyfall

  • Funny thing about Skyfall was my wife had arranged for us to go to see it with some friends and forgot I was flying home that day from Shanghai. She thought I was due home the day before. So when the film came on I was sitting in the cinema jet lagged and saying 'Oh I was there yesterday, thats the restaurant we had dinner' as the begining of the film was taken on the Bund in Shanghai. So I ended upwith sore ribs from wife digging me trying a) to shut me up and b) to keep me

  • Would love to go to Shanghai but truthfully ..a bit scared! Is it good?

  • Sky fall brilliant, les mis amazing, django unchained my favourite Tarantino now, die hard ....luv luv luv xx, wreck it Ralph the funniest most intelligent Disney ever and suitable for kids and adults and a must see! Favourite movie of all time...the graduate, no idea why though?!

  • Hi Allanah. Yes Shanghai was great. Went there, Shcenzhen and Hong Kong. Felt perfectly safe wandering around by myself. The people are so friendly, always wanting to help if you look a bit lost. I only had to get a map out and someone would come up and ask if I needed directions. Roads and taxi's are a bit insane but once you get used to all manner of transport from cars to rickshaws coming at you from all directions its fun! The Bund at night is fantastic, just like in skyfall with the ships & floating restaurants all lit up. And as for HK.. well I could go on for ages:-)

  • Ive got Les Miserables still to watch, im not a musical fan but i'll give it a go as it has rave reviews!

  • Argo is my favourite to win the Oscars so far - still have Django to watch (love Quentin!), The Sessions was excellent, Lincoln - well, great performances but bloody hell the film is long and boring! Watched The Master last night - brilliant performances (the three prominent actors should all win!) but what a strange film. Can't wait to see Les Miserables, I've seen it on stage, got the CD/DVD and I cry as soon as the music starts! Silver Linings - typical rom-com - not my cuppa tea. Will be watching Amour later. My partner and I are having an Oscar night next Sunday (curry, luxury ice cream, bottles of fizz!) so want to see as many as possible.

  • I started crying when the music began - I knew I would and it did me good to let it all out, I can't cry for me but could at the film.

  • Ooh im just watching silver linings now lol!

  • I don't get to the cinema much due to the cost, I was going to see The Hobbit over Christmas but was too ill, I will be making to effort to go and see Cloud Atlas next week, really looking forward to that.

  • Oh i really enjoyed Silver Linings, bit strange but enjoyable. Recognised the girl in from watching the film "House at the end of the Street"

  • Les Mis,although I enjoyed the show a lot more than the film. Off to see Argo on Wednesday. I was going to go and see Lincoln last week but it was freezing out so I stayed in lit the fire & watched Corrie!! I took myself off to see The Impossible the other afternoon,very sad. I love the cinema & theatre,one of the reasons I want to move back to London. I also love reading & read loads, I've got Whitney Huston on the go at the moment, I went to see the bodyguard the other week,great show the lead singer ir brilliant gave me goosebumps. Wish u all a pain free day x

  • I saw "Dave" and "Space Cowboys" recently on tv and thoroughly enjoyed them. :)


  • Update - watched Hitchcock, brilliant. Last night watched Les Miserables - cried from beginning to end, I prefer the stage show, I don't think the film is an Oscar winner but Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway give the performances of their lives and fully deserve an Oscar - Russell Crowe very wooden and can't sing likewise Amanda Seyfried. Life of Pi tonight I think.

    Oh forgot - also watched The Impossible, really good, I really rate Naomi Watts.

  • Les mis. Wonderful film, has everything, get it to watch at home, as you may want to watch it more than once as we did recently.

    We saw it in London many years ago, and loved it then, but the film made us understand the story better.

  • The bucket list just watched .. gravity was brilliant

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