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all that worrying !!!!

Hi guys, well i said i would report back n let u know how it went...

firstly he arrived at 8-30 in stead of between 9 and 10, however he was a very nice gentleman seemed generally concerend ( maybe that was just me thinking that)

had a little chat looked at me joints wrote a few things down n left he was here for 15 mins at the most so i worried myself sick for 15mins ................................... he didnt go anywhere in the house apart from living room, not sure if thats good or not, but did advise me to get onto my GP to see if i can get a wet room done by social services ???? ohh my god i could only dream of getting a walk in shower !!!

had hardly any sleep n was upstairs when he came, my son let him in n he see me struggle down the stairs,

he told me not to worry but i will prob be assessed every now n then ?? (i really cant handle the worry, im almost demented at the mo cos of worry so much about this visit,

Anyway its done now so just wait n see...........

thanks for reading love to all my Rumy buddies xxxx

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Lets hop0e it will be a positive outcome for you as i am sure it will be. Now go to the drs and see about getting a wet room put


Hope it is a good outcome sounds like it should be. Must be a nice man to say you need a wet room !!!!!!! xx


Glad it all went OK. Wet room sounds brilliant


thanks guys my gp is sending a refferal to occupational health i think asking them to come round and assess me n see if i need hand rails n maybe a wet room, its a walk in shower isnt it lol, feeling a lot less stressed than i was this time last night xxx

Ali x


so pleased for you ali ,, stress and worry is something you can do without ,, glad it all went well and hope you feel alot more relaxed now ,, its also pleasing to hear , the visit you got,, was from a kind nice person .. thats how it should be ... xx


thanks andy, he seemed nice, hope u ok x


Great news, it does sound really positive to me xxx


so pleased for you Ali i hope you get a positive reply well done hun you can relax now and as angej said it was probably just to check you are who you say you are and tick the boxes. so pleased you had a kind gentleman. big hugs lena xxx :)


good news x


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