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Opening jars and bottles

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I tend to wedge stubborn jars and bottles in a door, which isn't very good. My mum used to have a metal v shaped thing which could open most things. Does anyone know where I could get such a device?


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if hubby or son are around i usually ask them to help lol. if not i use a rubber / plastic jar opener i got from local bnm store. seen them in pound shops too and similar things in betterware or kleeneze catalogues i think. hope that helps :-)

This is the gadget I would't be without. I haven't found a jar it couldn't open yet.

They also sell them in Arogs.


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I have one of these too x

Ditto to bpeal1 I have one of those from amazon and the rubber opener too and of course I just ask hubby if he's around!

Thankyou all. The one you suggest beckie looks good I'll try it.

Seems as though that simple v thing my mum had doesn't still exist

Have a good day xxx

i eather pour boiling water over neck/top or i tap the edge of the lid both methods expand the lid. . a wast belt or there is a device i use in cars for undoing filters a rubber lasue on a handle,, .have a look at,, lid opener under kitchen and home. copy past the link below .. lots of choices i just typed disable in them look down the left side and chose the category kitchen


or ebay £5 there are 2 links below second has loads to chose from



Brilliant, I've checked all on amazon but ebays a good idea


I just got a one touch can opener from ebay and it came with a jar and bottle opener gadget, think I paid £7

It's handy and will save my poor door! Thankyou all so far


to open bottles and milk etc i use nutcrackers :-)


My OT gave me a small tray thing with several sizes of hole and rubber base and you put your jars in and turn it. Haven't used it yet as tend to just ask hubby or sons but it looks quite good for the job. Have you got an OT you could ask maybe? TTx

I don't have an oT as I'm supposed to be in remission but there are still tops I use the door to open. Paddy is gradually painting all the doors in the house and hell eventually get to the kitchen. So I'll have to find this before he gets there. I'll try eBay for the v shaped ones. It's amazing what there is, I just got a 1931 edition of just so stories just like the one I had as a child. Am so pleased about it.

Lovely looking day here, but am gearing up to go up the road to see if our butcher has any ducks as daughter has longingly hoped for one! Hope you're well xx

I got a load of gadjets from O.T. The rhuemmy physio at my local hospital refered me and they are very helpful. Im sure your GP could do a referal

Thanks! Lots of ideas


There is also a device called a 5 in 1 opener which opens lots of things

sounds good. What a lot of experts, Thankyou


I don't know about a v shaped instrument but I have a circle of rubber that I put on bottle tops ans jars to open them. It is brilliant ans you can get one from tesco for 50p can't be bad


That sounds good. Thanks


you can get things that help you around the home from your local occupational therepists,who are always willing to help....x

I got that V shaped device from Amazon called Undo-it. You screw it on to a wall and away you go. Thanks for your help all of you.

XX Cathie

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