Thank you. Re opening milk/soup tetra packs

Just to say I appreciated all your responses. I rang phone no. and web site given but the pourers mentioned would probably be good for milk but with soup large pieces of meat and veg would block.

Have spoken to OT who couldn't find anything, but did mention a charity called REMAP who can sometimes make what you need. So am contacing them.

Mmm did feel like throwing the pack at the wall but have enough probs. with basic house work.

The soup concerned is "New Covent Garden Soup" The ones I bought was scrumpy chicken

and leek and potato. they are so thick I can only manage 1/2 carton.

Needless to say lk./pot is still sitting in the fridge. :-(

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  • I'm afraid I wouldn't buy the product again if it's in such an unfriendly package. Could you knock on your neighbours door and ask someone to open the one you have so you can at least use it. I had to do this when I couldn't open the milk although I did feel embarassed having to explain why at 43 I couldn't open the milk.

  • Neighbours are not an option at the moment. One is empty house, elderly person gone in to care and other being renovated before new people move in.

  • Hi paulywoo milk for me as not the actual problem, I was using milk as an example of the type of box I was referring to. The carton I have for milk has a small plastic tab with foil under. I use a knife to lift tab, and then pliers to pull the foil.

    I bought the soup through Waitrose deliver and didn't realise the prob. until I went to eat it. I only have a small appetite and this is really filling on a small amount so I will keep trying. I don't like being beaten. I think a lot of packaging is not consumer friendly these days.

  • My OT gave me some scissors that have a loop handle and I just have to squeeze the loop rather than get fingers into the holes. She also gave me a knife with a top handle which means no effort with the knuckles and works so well that the whole family use it. Finally she gave me a cutter like a razor blade that I have stuck to the wall of my studio and use for thread. But when I need to cut other things and my hands won't grip I sometimes use it for this purpose. OTs should give you a range of devices that you can play about with and find uses for that may not be that obvious so your OT sounds a bit disappointing to me? I agree with Paula - ask a friend or neighbour for help and then pour into a jug and put cling film on it for later use? Tilda x

  • I would like to have your OT Tilda. Mine just gave me a leaflet for a company where I can buy stuff!

  • She's lovely - she customised my splints by hand bless! She attends my Popmobility class and always frets that I'm overdoing this or that even though she's got ten years or more on me! Xxx

  • Mine did also told me that they now dont supply the small stuff xx

  • Hi Tilda, thanks for that, generally can manage most things but these packs defeat me.

  • Re the thick tetra packs, I have in the past resorted to putting them in a saucepan and cutting them in half with my very sharp serrated bread knife. Messy, but effective. Sort of like the magic trick of sawing a lady in half, as need to lie them on their side.

  • I did try cutting through the side but my bread knife is a bit blunt I feel. Part of the problem that I haven't enough grip to hold the carton still. Apparently those cartons are made up of about 4/5 layers including aluminium, wax, card.

    I WILL get there in the end. :-)

  • I know what you mean - sometimes easier to make things from scratch than try to open. Its the pulley things that I struggle with and the zip ups such as peas - anything that require tearing also. Those horrible little fiddly sachets with mustard or ketchup are my bugbear. I think you can buy serrated knives with handles like my OT gave me online. Tilda x

  • Definitely get sharp knives and scissors - there are far more accidents caused by people struggling with blunt ones. But those cartons are tricky devils, even for the able-handed. Some fresh soups now come in tall plastic pots more like yoghurt pots - they look easier to handle. Worth an e-mail to Covent Garden Soup Company to let them know of your struggles- they might send you vouchers for more of their impenetrable soup.

    Good luck


  • I can't open bottles of flavoured water and yoghurt cartons are another thing i can't do very well. I always have to get some else to open them for me. Milk is not a problem as once it is open i put a spout on them so i don't have to worry about it again.xx

  • Thats a brill idea where do you get spout from x

  • Betterware or kleeneze i think. Try both and see which one is best pice. They come in three colours,blue for full fat milk,green for semi-skimmed, and green for full

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