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Apraxia Eyelid Opening?

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Weird one - for a while now my eyelids don't open immediately when I wake up. The left one is slower to open than the right, probably takes at least 10 minutes for both to open.

I googled to see what it was and came up with apraxia of eyelid opening, more females with autoimmune disease were found to have it but it's quite rare.

I queried it online at GP Surgery and the lady who responded asked if I'd spoken to pharmacy? Why? It's a neurological problem. Anyway she then thought I should see a GP who has referred me to Opthalmology at hospital. Not sure what they can do, but would be interested if anyone else has had this and if it went away?

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Why don’t you book an appointment and explain your problem to your optician? If you don’t have one ask around for recommendations.

An ophthalmic optician - also known as an optometrist these days - will have far more experience of eye problems of all sorts than your GP and you will be able to have a thorough examination of your eye.

If hospitals near you are like they are where I live you could have a long wait for your hospital appointment.

Thanks, I also have a suspected glaucoma and Optician (via GP) have referred me to hospital for that and the appointment is at an Optometrists, not at the hospital. Maybe they'll deal with both issues at the one appointment.

I had this problem a few years back, our major eye hospital has an emergency department, so I went there, they didn’t find anything serious, I have glaucoma anyway, so was given an outpatients appointment. I had a slight ptosis, but it was mainly dry eyes, so I have daily drops 3 times a day and a gel at night. Hopefully you get the right dx for you. X

I have had that for years & when I saw the consultant ophthalmologist after my eyes were affected by the Covid vaccination he wasn’t bothered about it at all.All he was interested in was the floaters that appeared & they are a nuisance…but again…he had a good look around & did a scan & said not to worry….so I don’tHope you get yours solved as easily.

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Many thanks, that's reassuring to know.

I completely agree with Fruitandnutcase. Trust your GP who deals with these things day in day out and certainly see an ophthalmic optician initially for anything eye related. That’s what they do. Dr Google should be avoided at all costs - some of the information is downright inaccurate and can be dangerous particularly if you are trying to diagnose a condition before seeing a medical professional. I am one and some people who have relied on Google have damaged bits of themselves by depending on an algorithm. Once you’ve been properly diagnosed then look it up but please, not before…………Hope you get sorted out soon.

Hi have same problem. Had eye test so no problem with eyes but have been given eye drops

I do have RA and Peripheral neuropathy and these two may be causing the problem.

I’m hoping to be referred back to my Neurologist.

I hope you find an answer to your problem.

Hi, I did post about eyeand I hope yours is sorted as easily as mine was but I've just seen you have like myself peripheral neuropathy.Do you take anything for it and do you know the cause?

I can't get any answers about mine in feet.

Thank you.

Hi the only medicine I take is methotrexate for myRA but I’m on a very small dose and have been for many years.My Neurologist offed Infusion off retuxamab which I had however I have not had any more infusions for two years because my blood seemed better [anti mags] and was stable.

My feet are difficult to manage and are numb yet can be very sore and painful to touch as yet I have found nothing to really help them.

I may have spelt medication name wrong!

I’m due to see neurologist again.

I hope you find something for your feet and wish you well.

My right eye is very slow to open in the morning. I went to Optician and eyes were thoroughly checked. He said it was just dry eyes for which i use drops for anyway. Plus he suggested I bought an Optase eye mask which once warmed in microwave and worn for short while….activates the tear ducts. You definitely need to get checked at Optician.

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BoneyC in reply to Evie3

Thanks for your tips. I have been prescribed eye drops for dry eyes but maybe they're not working as well as they could.

Sorry to hear this hope they can sort it out for you soon🌻

I had that for a few months then it went by itself.I put mine down to all new meds in my system and hopefully it won't come back.

See a doc

That's good to hear, hoping mine goes away too. Thanks.

Also had same problem. Now episodic. no-one could really tell me reason. Do have sjogrens and hypothyroidism....has been a lot better since taking thyroxine

Hi, I have RA, had problems in the morning opening my eyes. Optician checked my eyes, dry eye syndrome due to my disease. I use Gel Tears at bed time and through the night if I’m awake, problem solved. Free on prescription in Scotland.

I did have this happen before my diagnosis of sarcoidosis. It didn't take 10 minutes for them to open though. At first it was frightening, I thought that I was having a stroke. But then when I looked it up online I thought it was because my eyes were so dry. Maybe it was apraxia because there was no discharge or anything that could have been holding my eyelids shut. Very interesting.

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