Saw Rheumy Nurse this afternoon and now started on Methotrexate 15mg alongside Sulfasalazine. Took my first dose this evening and 1 Folic Acid tablet to take tomorrow. Hopefully this will make the difference for me. We had a good chat, bloods were taken and, joints assessed and then my Consultant came in and checked my knee which has been very painful and swollen for the last few weeks. He agreed that draining it would help and then said he would send an appointment in two to four weeks. This was disappointing news as I had been led to believe I was having it done today and had prepared myself for it. The Nurse said they were running behind and having to reschedule some procedures. So a few more weeks and hopefully the knee will be less painful.

Hope you are all doing well on your meds, X

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  • I used to go to a physiotherapist for ultrasound treatment on my swollen knee which helped a bit. Might be worth a try if you have to wait 4 weeks. I hope the MTX works for you.

  • Thank you. I am also waiting for physio and occupational therapy appointments. Physio was stopped until I've had my knee drained. Hope it will be nearer to two weeks. Have a good day.

  • Oh Sue it's so disappointing when you've prepared yourself for something which will give relief & it doesn't happen. It begs the question if it was the Consultant would he be happy waiting up to four weeks for his to be drained in the same position? I hope it's done sooner rather than later.

    Good luck with MTX, it's been the one that's sorted me out & hopefully you'll notice a difference once it starts working.

  • Thanks, I hope so too but never mind hopefully it won't be long now. The sun is shining, Ive got my suncream and my son, partner and granddaughter are coming this afternoon so that will be nice. Ellie has just started crawling so can't wait to see her. Hope you have a lovely day too. X

  • I'm afraid it's grey & quite a bit chillier today but never mind it means I can sweep the sand up off the drive without becoming a grease spot! Have a lovely day with your family. x

  • It's hard to have made the mental preparations and then not get the relief you were hoping for, but it sounds like your team is firmly in your court. I hope your meds help - I haven't had much pain relief from mtx (yet) but after the first little while of acclimatization I definitely found it helped with my energy levels. Do let us know how it goes :) xx


  • I have the same problem as you. The medication is working really well for me, but I take folic acid six times a week on days other than Methotrexate.

    Best of luck. X

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