methotrexate injections

hi not been on for a while! was on methotrexate tablets 5 years ago had to come off them as was feeling sick for days after taking them went on cimizia injections until march 2014 had a bad reaction pins and needles all over so now take gabepentin 9 tablets a day to help mask that!

after many tests and ruling out i was just unlucky to get the bad reaction i get this but its left me worried to take any other new drugs!

on 9 sulfasarine 2 Celebrex my RA is causing me so much wrist pain today saw my consultant we decided best plan of action was to try methotrexate injection.... tuesday is the day to see the nurse so they took me round what a good service... had my first injection come away with four more.... i just wanted to ask have others who were on tablets moved to the injections did this make you feel less sick?

just feeling a bit lost and worried now

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  • I have very little sickness with my injections sunflower. Was on 25ml now reduced to 20ml due to my liver enzyme being slightly elevated. I only feel sick when I get a whiff of MTX - bleugh. I also have Leflunomide and Prednisolone too. Good luck xx

  • oh i hope i am the same do you know i dont even know what dose they started me on! i guess it all happened so fast lol didnt give me time to over think things which is good in my case

  • On 20mg mtx inj no sickness at all far easier than trying to swallow 8 tablets

  • how much folic acid do you take?

  • I've been far better on injections & better still taking folic acid 5mg 6 times a week (not injection day). Most people find injections simple enough to do & often side effects are fewer. I've not noticed any increase in side effects moving up from 15mg to 17.5mg & now on 20mg just feeling better as a whole.

    Hope you get on with it, they're far better tolerated if here is anything to go by.

    I'm tapering gabapentin at the mo, not doing anything for me except giving me memory loss!

  • i tried stopping my gabapentin i just cant even bare one less tablet

  • Oh no! I hope I don't have the same trouble. I only got to 1800mg a day so maybe there's hope.

  • How are things today Dee?

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