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burned my wrist with boiling oil

hi all , yesterday at work I burned my wrist with boiling oil, well as you might know I work in a kitchen as a breakfast chef and I was heating some bacon up on a small tray and when I went to put it under the overhead grill it splashed back at me onto my left wrist, to say it hurt is an understatement! I put it under the cold running water for about 20 minutes but could not carry on with the breakfast as it was so sore. In the end put some cling film on with a cold paper towel on and then another cling film on and tried to carry on with my job. My boss who I have had a few runs in was not understanding saying it was my own fault, and it was my fault, but it did not take away the fact it was so hurting! it has small blisters on and my wrist is bright red like sunburn and very painful. Since then I went back to work today with nothing on my arm and caught my wrist on something I was carrying and it hurt a lot. Now I have a bandage on and its still hurting, but am having a flare up now, my fingers are swelling up and hurting a lot. my hand feels like it is on fire again. some of the blisters have burst, they are tiny blisters, but still hurt.

Do any of you have any suggestions if I can do anything different with my wrist, I have not been to the doctors, is it worth ringing my rummey nurse?

Sorry about the rant here, hope you are all keeping well and are pain free.

Carol xx

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Oh Carol, soo sorry to hear about the bacon grease mishap My husband did this same thing less than 4 months ago.. bacon grease burns on arms.

He had to go to the doctor because the pain was too strong for him.

He was given a prescription for Sulfasilver cream.

It took the pain away immediately so he could function with his

pain and sleep at night. It's information is in the link below..


Wishing you less pain soon.. XX Karen


hi thank you for your reply, my wrist is healing up good now. I did not go to the hospital, but I would go if I burned it again, I did go to the chemist and he suggested I put, well it looked like a layer of skin on my burn which grew a layer of skin. it worked a treat.

Thank you for your support. xx


Oh, you can buy the cream there over the counter? ? Amazon is the only over the counter that is allowed, then again human antibiotics are sold in the fish department in pet stores. So who knew that you could get that cream over the counter. My husband burned his in the same spot. The creamswas a godsend. I'm glad you are okay Carol.


I would ask to be referred to an occupational therapist . They might be able to supply you with something that guards your joints but still gives you flexibility to work. I'm sure they will help you with other kitchen aids too that would ease your job . X


Ring somebody as you are becoming a danger to yourself. I am sorry if that sounds hard it isn't and i am speaking from experience,i am no longer able to cook due to my hands as things keep falling through them. Tell your boss to take a long jump off a short pier,also refer him to health and safety, Jerk that they are.

I hope you arms and hands soon feel brighter. You might want to consider changing your job and i know you might not want to hear that,but it is looking likely that you might have to look at a change of career. I was a mobile caterer a job i loved,but i had to give it up as i was becoming a danger to myself and others. So consider it, i know it is is hard as it seems RA is taking more away from you and god knows i know how that feels.

Carol hugs from me and i am sorry if my answer upsets you i don't mean to.xxx


hi there Syliv no you did not upset me, but it was not my Ra that caused the burn but the equipment. I have since spoken to my boss and asked if we could have different equipment to put under the grill.

take care. xx


If he doesn't report him to heath and safety darling. xxxx


Hi carol

I'm a first aider and if a burn blisters you should see a doctor.

Even if it's only a small area it's about how deep the burn has gone through the skin layers.

Hope you feel better soon. X


Thank you for your reply Cat111 and hope you are having a pain free day. xx


Try this home remedy for non serious, small burns and scalds. I burnt my thumb on a hot baking sheet a few months ago. It was hurting so much i couldn't take my thumb out of cold water. When my husband read online about putting French's mustard on it I was really sceptical and thought it must be a joke. Tried it anyway as had no burn cream in the house. Worked a treat! Couldn't believe it. I always keep it in the house now, put it straight onto a burn as soon as you can, let it dry forming a crust, leave it on as long as you can bear the look and smell of it. Then, wash off carefully, I did not have a blister. Obviously for a more serious burn, you must seek medical help.


Thank you for your reply and will keep some french mustard in case I may need it for a burn.

Take care xx


The usual treatment for burns is a twenty min min submerge in cold water, wrap in cling film and get in looked at, the english burns cream is called flamazine, usually on prescription, an over the counter product called burneze can be bought it is more of a soothing cooling spray.# Blisters should be kept intact and not popped because of risk of infection.Burns larger than the size of the palm of your hand or any size neck or facial burns should be seen by a qualified health professional, Earlier this year a father bought his daughter into the pharmacy where I was working and she had a nasty lip and chin burn which had had medical attention at the first instant and she had been left with red tightened scar tissue on chin and neck, burns can cause skin to tighten this had and was what happened, the damage had already been done.

I dont advocate the use of mustard, butter or any other such unothodox treatments as these could cause more harm then good.


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