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RA awareness week

Well iv'e seen adverts about asthma about time my 22 yr son has had it since he was 18months old. GREAT news about the breast cancer pill & also reports about cystic fibrosis another terrible condition, but i have not seen anything about our suffering & horrible disease RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS!!! I watch alot of tv but havn't saw a single thing :-(. Rant over xx Alison

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ye its a shame, but I can tell you from the Barcelona Conference there are a lot of pharmacy and scientists, out there working for us!! hope they come up with the test to tell you what drug would work for you straight away instead of this trial and error approach.


We've been on the radio all week, well it's been on every day letting people know its RA awareness week this week!

I also agree its great news about tamoxifen as I'm one off the people in the high risk group and call me crazy but I turned down the chance off a double mastectomy at 29!

But another medication I don't mind.

And Alanah I dream off that day cause I'm about to start drug number 9 or 10 I'm loosing count as non off the others have worked or I've has major reactions :(


I am also disappointed that i have heard nothing about RA on the radio or in the newspapers. It would be a great article for Womans Hour of the Health progs on radio and TV,

The only poster I have seen was the one that came with my Enbrel delivery yesterday


It is also up to all of us to raise awareness. I think that this week has been a good opportunity because it doesn't feel as if we are just talking about ourselves but the wider RA "community".


It is only the first ever RA Awareness Week and Rome wasn't built in a day! But I agree that each of us need to do our bit. For instance I wrote to my MSP after Jamie gave us a link the other day and received a nice email back from my MSP saying that he'd voted for the motion in question. Also I wrote to Woman's Hour to suggest that they do a piece about RA a while ago - especially given that it affects 2 thirds more women than men. I got nothing back from them though but if others here want to go on the BBC website and find the contact e-address for Woman's Hour on radio 4 then perhaps we might get some where? I'm afraid the only way is by bombarding these programme makers by us all -pester power- that will get the profile of RA much higher up on the agenda. Go for it!



I just looked and found this from 2009 but that was four years ago - maybe next RA Awareness week they will think it's time to give RA another go!


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