Thunderclap for RA Awareness Week 19-25 June

Dear HU Community, we are almost at our target and just need 25 more people!! Next week is RA awareness week, please could I ask you to take 10 seconds to sign our thunderclap. By doing so, an automatic post will be posted to your social media on Monday helping us raise awareness and challenge misconceptions about this invisible illness. Please sign and share thank you 😊

24 Replies

  • Done

  • Thank you Allanah!

  • Done.

  • Done xx

  • Done

  • Done 👍 x

  • 😀

  • Done! M x

  • Done

  • Done

  • Done

  • Done!

  • Done

  • Done 😊

  • Sorry not on any social media sites..but you have my support!

  • Done

  • Done! I wasn't sure what to put in the comments box though.

  • No social media .sorry

  • Done! X

  • Thank you everyone, we have now surpassed our target which is amazing. Keep going so we can reach more people!

  • Donne via facebook

  • I don't have FB or any other social media contacts. It seems I can't sign because it says support with Facebook or other social contacts which I don't have. Is there another way to support the awareness week???

  • We've had a great response to this, just 10 more and we get to 600 people!

  • I think I did it correctly. Sorry I am new to tech stuff. I have used them for years but still have no understanding of it lol

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