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RA Awareness Week 2017 - Behind the Smile

It's RA Awareness Week! Over the next 7 days, we'll be raising lots of awareness about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), particularly its invisible effects that lack public understanding and awareness.

The theme of the week is 'Behind the Smile' (selected from an HU poll) and our aim is to tell people that someone with RA might 'look fine' on the outside, but chances are they aren't!

We'd love it if you could help us spread the word. Find how you can get involved:

Watch video:

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This brought me to tears this morning. I have seen it before but today it truly resonated. Birthdays, Fathers Day holidays are so exhausting. My in laws are making me crazy. They think walking is the answer to everything. They meet people in the neighbourhood with RD and sunddenly it is she said this, and she does this? Why is it they listen to some stranger and totally disregard what I say ? My father in law literally starts yelling at me WTF.. Demensia ? It is one thing to share your opinion and quite another to bully someone who does not share that opinion.

My husband is finally hearing me. I do not think he listens to the things his parents say, how they literally try to bully me every time we see them. They live in our house but in there own suite. I should not take drugs, yet he follows doctors instructions and takes his drugs ? So apparently I am not ill and do not need drugs. then I should not listen to physiotherapist with a PHD regarding orthotics, then I should not use cannabis for pain ? I just need to walk ? oh and walking inside does not count ? They make me crazy. I literally want to sell the house because I want to get away from them.

They sold their home after 53 yrs and have lived with us for four. I agreed not to sell before my illness. Now I am left dealing with stairs and living more than an hour from Vancouver. There are many times I cannot drive. This leaves me isolated. I find myself wondering if I should leave. It sometimes seems easier to live alone. So this week I have made it clear that I am no longer willing to tolerate his fathers abuse. He must decide how he wants to live. If I am to stay in this marriage he needs to speak up. Just because someone is old does not give them license to ignore other people's rights. This is my home. I will no longer tolerate their treatment of me or my son particularly as I have been extremely good to them and their son and grandchildren. I do understand why they continue to attack me every time I see them. I am more than happy to not see them at all. But my husband keeps insisting we hang out with them. I am DONE backing down. Now I also take no drugs so they cannot blame things on drugs. I am fighting back. No longer will I remain silent. Respect is not granted it is earned. I will no longer stay silent. I challenge every ridiculous racist, sexist bigoted statement they make. It is not ok. The family should not accept it either. I will not repeat the comments I refer to as it gives it coverage. Surfise it to say , not appropriate. My son is gay and yet does not date. He has never brought home a partner. My in laws treat him like a pedophiles. It makes me so mad.


Where does this video get shown? Has it been on the T.V ?

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It should be .thats the only place .everyone sees .and thats what we need to make others aware .soft cuddles to you all .kathy x

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Hello. I'm new to this site. I'm 56 and diagnosed 2 years ago with RA. I have been waking in the morning to bilateral rib cage pain. No reason I can figure, it feels similar to the soreness that comes the day after a very active/strenuous activity. Could this be RA related? Thank in advance...


Hi Marc, I was just thinking this myself. If I have arthritis, why does it hurt to breathe, why does my upper back hurt? I am seeing my Dr. on Wed and will ask her. I am 54 and was diagnosed in March/April of this year when I started severe symptoms. Please ask your Dr., make sure it isn't something else and I will ask mine. Take care, Penny


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