2 Nd loading Rituximab done .. And good !

2 Nd loading Rituximab done .. And good !

So again early start and three birds asked me to say how it went!

So overall good! Easy cannula yes, methotrexate check bloods obtained then premed of paracetamol and Piriton prior to methypred infusion. Then a half hour wait or do and Rituximab started. They put it in an hour quicker this time so as I started early I was finished by 3.45 pm !

Lazy morning watched " the theory of everything" wonderful if sad. Then had a sandwich then " the Heat" with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and it was hysterical!

So home now with a rotten headache and tired BUT very manageable and I'm drinking water.

I see them for check bloods in two weeks but then see the consultant and biological nurse in June who decide when I can of cannot have another one!

My hubby says I seem more agile tho?!!!!!!!!

So off to our caravan, hoping not to fall out! And wish you all a nice bank holiday , those who have to work like I used too I am thinking bout you xx A :)

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  • Good to hear that your infusion went well, enjoy your caravan trip, don't overdo it after having your magic potion. Take care. Xx

  • Pleased it went well for you. Enjoy time at the caravan, hope the sun comes out. X

  • Thanks Happy, me too x

  • Moi Georje!

  • So glad it went well for you darling. Lets hope it lasts. Xxxx

  • Thanks Sylvie x hope your feeling better x

  • That's very positive Allanah, thank you for posting, I've now got an idea of what to expect myself! Really hope it works well for you and that your headache improves too 😊. Hopefully by June you will be able to tell if it has definitely worked ...please keep us updated as I'm really interested in your progress as you've started at a similar time to me. X

  • I will and you update me too! We can compare notes xxx

  • Yes I will...my first one is on June 9th. Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  • Yes, Allanah, much as your post made me giggle, please no more repeats of caravan acrobatics! Have a fab weekend, Kathy.

  • So far no falls ! Xx but got till Tuesday lol

  • Have a fabulous time, don't over do it !! Anna

  • I brought a wheelchair this time but felt bad as it's too much hard work for my hubby on this terrain !

  • Have a lovely time A, mind how you go! x

  • Lol will try! Promise!

  • Enjoy your stay for the bank hols. Fingers crossed your infusion works well for you xx

  • Me too !! Wanna be like you ...oo..ooh!

  • Have a great time, so pleased that all went well! Mavis x

  • Thanks M x

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