Rituximab infusion went smoothly but tired! What's new !

So I went in at 9 am to the day unit , got a comfy chair and they checked my urine , took my monitoring bloods then started a steroid infusion. Then got paracetamol and Piriton also to reduce risks of reactions.

I was also told in my case to take all my others tablets so; leflonamide, methotrexate, insulin x 3 injections, naproxen high dose, Adizem , bendrofluazide, lisinopril, Lansoprazole !! Then they started the Rituximab infusion. The procedure took 8 hours and I got checked every half hour.

I took a couple of DVDs ( gone girl) amazingly clever movie I thought and Sunshine on Leith( musical ) based on on Proclaimer music but sad and happy movie.

Git a sandwhich and tea from the lovely staff.

So tired and my joints really ache today but hope that's a sign it's working, go back for second one and my nurse said most people start to feel better after the second infusion! Also start radiotherapy now next Monday!

So busy busy but resting today xxxx

Hope you are all ok xx

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  • Lets hope for sunnier days for you darling.xxx

  • Take it easy. Hopefully after the next one things will improve. Farm

  • It's a long day isn't it? Hope things improve for you A. x

  • Best of luck A X

  • Hi A truly hope you start to benefit from your infusion. You do seem to be in the wars of late. Thank you for keeping us up to date with your progress xx

  • Fingers crossed A.xx

  • Good luck,just relax and remember to keep taking the tablets


  • Good luck I do hope it all works for.


  • I was very tired after my first infusion but after second started to feel better. That West in December, still get bouts of tiredness but very little pain just occasional stiffness in hands. Good luck, hope you respond well to the medication.

  • Hi Allanah

    Glad to hear it all seems to have gone pretty smoothly. Fingers crossed it's worked well for you. Look after yourself. I hope you're getting plenty of rest.



  • Thanks V !! Feeling good this weekend after the steroid infusion xx

  • Late to this post I know, hope your not feeling so tired today. Hope it works well for you, now whilst your hooked up are you able to 'pay a visit' otherwise have pictures in my head of you squirming in your seat! Take it easy xx

  • Hope this is the one for you! Glad it went well, I was very tired afterwards,just give yourself a bit of tlc! M x

  • Allanah, you have so much going on at the moment, but you are always upbeat about it !! I hope you are being spoilt at home and resting up and that your pain reduces.

    Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon, Lynda xx

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