First influximab infusion today!

Nervous! Arrived 09.00. Fantastic nursing team.Explained the procedure completely. Within 15 mins, the canula was in - this was the bit I was most worried about. The last time I had this done, I was being induced! Apart from a slight (can I say the word 'pr***k?) it was totally painless. The tubes were taped in place and off we went. Two and a half hours later the machine beeped to say that I was full up. I had a very comfy reclining chair, which I made total use of! Any chance to put my feet up...... Snuggly warm blanket, next thing I knew it was time for a cup of tea and a biccie.

Hospital lunch was dire - highly recommend taking your own snacks!

An hour's observation after the canula was taken out and I was on my way home - driving myself!

Got home and felt really tired so had a couple of hours in bed. Felt slightly nauseaous after getting up, but had a light supper, put my pj's on and sat in the garden reading.

Just gone 8.00 p.m and feel ready for bed again. Arms and legs 'heavy'. Not sure yet if I will go to work tomorrow or not yet.

To anyone facing their first infusion - don't worry. If I can do it, you can. It really is nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the chance to put your feet up for a couple of hours.

Liz xxx

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Hi Liz

Good to hear you have had a positive experience with the infusions at hospital and doing ok at home so far. Ironically I have tried several biologics and sadly none have worked and so Rheumy said she was gonna try a different tack and offered infusion treatment. That was a month ago and last week I gave bloods, weight and MRSA swabs for testing. I am now waiting to hear about date for hospital admittance. I was hoping to hear from someone who had had the treatment and here you are!!!!!. Thank you x

So good to know at least the canula bit went ok. I always have problems with nurses trying to get blood,and so now always have it taken from the backs of my hands, and even that can take them up to 5 goes!!!. Well hope you stay well and rest up as your body is going through some changes just now. Have a good day. Asa's mum xx


P.S Just a thought Liz, did you need any chest x-rays before you had the infusions etc? xx


Hi asa'smum!

Yes, I had chest x-rays and bloods done last week. Slept really well last night, but have woken this morning with a headache and limbs still feeling really heavy. Hands are not so painful this morning, but still feel like I have mild flu. Am not going into school (cookery teacher) today - just too whacked out.

Anyone know if this is normal?

Don't be frightened of the infusion - easy to say, I know. I was nearly in tears with nerves yesterday. It really is nothing to worry about. I'm also able to manage my own mtx jabs too - not bad for an ex-needle phobic!!!



How did you get metho by injection ...they want let me have it that way abd pills make me ill, mouth ulcers etc..had to come off them after i week and suffering every day with RA...


Hi Liz, I have had RA for 40 years and been on MTX (Tablets-20mgs) for god knows how long. I can't remember. However, I have been on Infliximab for 7 years (every 6 weeks) and although at first, it would take a couple of hours to go through and a couple of hours to see if there was any reaction, I now get out in about an hour and half. Some say they feel very tired after it but I can honestly say I haven't felt that way at all. It does however make me feel a whole lot better after it and I look forward to the next time. Glad it went well for you and I hope you are feeling the effects of it to the good. Brian


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