Heavy Cold & Sore Throat

Hi everyone, I haven´t been on here for some time as thankfully I have been keeping well. However, I´ve been suffering with a very heavy cold, sore throat and cough for three days now. I take 4 x 2.5 mg methorexate every week and have read the leaflet which advises no other drugs should be taken. I have had to give in this afternoon and have taken some Buttercup cough medicine. Anyone know exactly which painkillers, cough medicines etc are safe with MTX? Thanks for your help. Hope you´re keeping well or at least managing your RA effectively.

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  • Mmm, I'm pretty sure Buttercup syrup contains alcohol. It won't be much as it's an OTC cough syrup but do check. How about trying hot water & fresh lemon with manuka honey (or any of the lovely honeys really just manuka is a natural antibiotic) for your throat & to clear your airways. Paracetamol of course but do be careful with any other meds you take as well as MTX. I got some great expectorant from the chemist, assuming you're still in Spain, called Iniston. There are a few different ones for specific problems. My regular Pharmacist had a list of my meds & said it was ok to take it with MTX so I stuck with that the odd time I had a cold. In fact, you'd probably be best asking yours, they'll know what you're best taking &, more importantly, avoiding. If you think it's going to turn nasty or hanging around do contact your Consultant or his nurse, he may want you to stop MTX to give you the best chance to get over it. Did you have your flu injection?

    Hope this helps & it doesn't hang around too long. x

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes I did have my flu jab last October and yes I´m still living in Spain. Caught this rotten cold from my little grandson when visiting the UK last week. Worth it though, just to see him. My annual visit to my specialist at hospital is next week, so I´m gonna persevere till then if I can. (I must be on the mend soon as this is day 3) I can then ask my specialist exactly what I can and cannot take. Need to know just in case I get a headache or something needing painkillers in the future. Must say though the Buttercup Syrup has soothed my throat a little, surely there can`t be much booze in that, maybe there should be then I wouldn`t care would I !! ): Thanks again for your advice and hope you stay well.

  • No, there won't be much but there are better ones if you get me. If it worsens before your appointment pop down to your health centre, they'll know what you could take safely. How nice of your grandson to leave you a pressie to remember him by!

  • Yep, gonna see what happens over the weekend, but if I don´t improve soon, I´ll defo go to health centre, but will remain optimistic and expect to wake up tomorrow with cleared tubes and no cough !! Thanks for your replies, stay well.

  • Just realised you said annual visit to see your Specialist. Things must be good. :)

  • Yes, I consider myself very lucky when I read posts from other people on this site who seem to be suffering very badly. Problem is I sometimes wonder whether this bubble will burst and I´ll ever deteriorate. Don`t mean to sound pessimistic, but I think getting RA in the first place sometimes makes me feel this way! Then I give myself the proverbial shake and realise there are people a lot worse off than me.

  • No, be happy that your meds work! Far better I think. What else are you prescribed, other than MTX & folic acid?

  • Nothing, that´s all I take.

  • That's brilliant! Long may it last.

  • Thanks, hope you stay well too.

  • Thanks. Send some of that spring sun over here will you....please!!

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