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Got a cold

Hey peeps,

Hope ye are as well as can be.

So I have had a cold for over a week now, it's really screwing up my sleep i'm sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night. Before I got RA a cold would have lasted two three days max but since I'm on enbrel this one just won't go away. Would ye suggest I take a week off enbrel for it to clear up or just wait it out, I hate sitting around waiting to get better.

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Hi, I've been going through the same right now, its been a week!

I went to the doctor who gave me some antibiotics; he said after 5 days it had gone on long enough, I also have to stop Enbrel for this week (guidline from my RA nurse)

Its my 2nd day of antibiotics and starting to feel it lift at last.

Do you have a temperature? did you know you are meant to contact Doctor straight away if you do?

hope you feel better soon :)


me again!

I knew you were familiar haha!!! I remember you posted a link showing your juggling skills, didn't you??? you were fantastic, have you manage to get back to it?


Aw thanks Wiliby :) yeah I have a gig coming up in two weeks and I need to train that's why I really want to get rid of this cold. I'm getting back to it slowly and I have to take it easy when warming up and not over exert myself. At first it was frustrating and at times can still be but for the most part I find myself spending more time on the smaller muscles and getting to know my body and props way better. hopfully I'll have a few more videos up soon but the winter makes it difficult we'll see :)


you should post the video again! have you done some sort of dance training as well? as feather says, not what you expect from juggling, far more artistic.

I've been going to the gym for the past year (my RA's in remission) and I really think building the muscle has really helped with fatigue also, you have a good point about concentrating on the smaller muscles, having strength seems so important since diagnosis, I did try tai chi but as I got better I wandered off to the gym instead,mmmmmm off to the community centre tomorrow, see what they can offer me!! haha

Good luck with the gig :)


While I was training in Berlin I did some hip hop some ballet and some belly dance, but not to the extent of a professional just enough to make my movement a bit better.

You are so lucky your RA is in remission,. is that with or without drugs?

I feel like I could get there on the enbrel but it's taken two years to get this far so I'm not getting too excited about the idea yet, it's such a slow process.

If you want to keep updated on my vids and what not here's my facebook page I use it purely professionaly (shameless plug lol)


Sorry Su2po, haven't had a cold since I've had inflammatory arthritis & am not on enbrel .... hope you get better soon!

But I was intrigued by the link Wiliby mentioned so managed to find it - wow!! Juggling's not an art form I'm exactly familiar with, probably the only juggling I've seen in the last decade has been flash stuff on 'Britain's Got Talent' etc. But your type of juggling is mesmerising. I noticed you'd trained in Berlin & it shows.

I really enjoyed the clips. Plus, although I'm a lot older than you, seeing someone with RA doing something requiring such physical skill is inspiring & encouraging. I'll start by trying to wield the hoover with more finesse (or at all!).

Christina x


Thanks Christina :)

I find if you spend time with your body, just standing still and become aware of all of it, from your toes right up to the top of your head, you can start with small movements that are hugely beneficial. Most people think exercise is getting out and running around but working and loosening up those small muscles in your body are what give people fluidity of movement. I recomend Qi gong or Tai Chi for it, it's great. I'm lucky that I gained those skills before I got ill because the first part os very frustrating and can lead to muscle tension which is not good for us but if you pick up something gentle like poi you can get far enough quick enough to keep you going :)


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