You got me thinking Minka

Minka was saying his OH is in Vegas and hope she wins.

WELL YOU GOT MY THINKING HERE, I HOPE I HAVE WON SOMETHING ON THE LOTTERY , SO WILL HAVE to check THE TICKETS, BUT THOUGHT WHAT WOULD I SPEND 88 million on? Sorry can'tt be bothered to retype the capitals, anyway here goes

Houses and cars a nd debt paid off for the family

Farmhouse, sheep and dogs for me, with a dog walker!

Helicopter on tap with pilot, must wear white suit and pilots hat, to take me to Scotland

Boat with motor and crew when I want

VIP passes to every festival!

Cook and cleaner and shopper

Donation to Nras

Diamonds of course

Travel ...everywhere!!

Find a cure for RA, although if it cost too much forget it , I would rather buy for me!!!!

Hugs have a good day Axx

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  • Lol begging letters have started already!!! Minka would have to get something for starting m on this topic!!

  • Try simon cowell, I haven't won!!

  • What about the highest spec yurt for every festival, with butler service and masseuse?

  • nice

  • Emmm I'm liking this blog. Could the butlers wear nothing but a piny ??x

  • oh already done the naked butler think in Edinburgh at my cousins hen do! nice xx bad penny about to turn up as this is another sexist comment !! xx

  • Hmm I would have a gorgeous pad in Glasgow with a live in dog minder/ cleaner (no suits required - would want a parental salt of the earth type - probably a woman - and not too sexy either or I might get ideas or if a woman my husband might!), a deluxe studio in one of the big collective studios there and the trendiest camper van known to man - with an extention for snoring husband and dogs. Then the man and I would go off touring the world in our mobile studio with the dogs - and spend as much money as we wanted on the way - oh and buy a flat for each of the boys so they could get started and we could too! Hotels are okay but not the same as a permanent traveling home. Hey I might even have to start doing the lottery now! Tilda x

  • Nice, can I stay I your pad when u r travelling!

  • Hope you're not referring to me! :-/

  • Course I am mate!

  • Ok I have to add a big guy to carry me to the beach with a picnic hamper ( is that better Paul!!) xx

  • Lol. As its Father's Day I will stay on my best behaviour all day! And not rise, whatever the provocation.

  • Happy Father's Day and to all you dads out there, and to my dad who not with us anymore, x

  • I would spend the money on getting my two children set up for life and then we would do what we wanted to anytime we like. Then i would plough an awful into finding a cure for this blooming

  • I forgot to say that I would make sure husband never had to work another nightshift as a care worker again and keep our place in Orkney too - oh yes and put dosh into a fund that could pay for those who need biologic drugs to get them despite their stingy health authorities making them jump hoops. And of course you could stay as long as you liked Allanah as long as you didn't introduce Barry to our music collection. Xx

  • Excavate the basement of our tenement and install a large swimming pool for early morning dip. Neighbours share. Ecohouse in highlands. Money to end conflict in Middle East and give alternative jobs to people making weapons.

  • Deep! Both the pool and ending conflict xx

  • For 69p you can buy for your i-phone to use at Glastonbury, you'll never get lost and it even has a torch!!

  • That's all I am likely to winxx

  • Someone to chop Butternut Squash......................xx

  • Ha ha hah!

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