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For me...... and for all of you!

For me...... and for all of you!

Hi everyone,

I said I would write again after my walk, and so here I am!

After all the rain we have had, I had been in so much pain and really wondered if I had set myself an unreachable goal, but I went to bed early every night, have been on a diet and kept thinking positively - You know, the reason I was doing the walk in the first place!!!

So I woke yesterday to clear blue skies, a beautiful calm and sunny day and had a hearty breakfast of porridge, made by my wonderful hubby and I could feel the excitement growing as I realised that I had no pain!!! :)

I met my best friend at the cafe by the start of the walk and my mum and dad came too!

So off we go - me, my hubby Richard; my daughter Emily; my best friend Kay and her partner Nigel; my Dad and my daughters friend Amy - the weather was perfect, and soon into our walk I felt calm, happy and a bit emotional!

I will try to put some photos on here too, my biggest challenge was the steps to the top of the Head, but I did it - one step at a time, and stopped for photos half way! I made it to the top with an enormous wave of emotion! I hadn't walked those steps without pain before, and that I had done this for all the wonderful people who have helped me with this journey so far, at home, and more importantly on here. I did shed a little tear as I know that for some of you completing this walk would not even be possible - I did this for all of you, while I can and am able too.

I am so very proud of myself, have taken it easy today and I admit that I am a bit tired, but I feel so good about doing this, and know that the money I have managed to raise will benefit all of us in some very small way - it is my way of saying thank you to the healthcare professionals, and also to all of you on here for all the support, advice and care that you have shown me - I think of you as my extended RA family - for I know where to come if I need anything related to my condition. :)

I will let you know how much I raise in total, but at the moment its over £400!!!!

Take care all of you, and lots of love

Pen :)

if any of you are on facebook - please inbox me as there are loads of photos , but I think I might have a few problems uploading them, so please bear with me x

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Congratulations on reaching your goal and the money raised. Take care now and rest.


Pen well done to you we are so proud of you. If you inbox me your full name and where your from and i will find you on f/book. xxxx


A lovely blog ....I love positive and well done Claire x


Fantastic pen, so proud of you, i couldnt do one of those steps never mind that only being half way up!! Congratulations Axx


well done, hope the good feeling at getting there lasts a long time. Pollyx


Congratulations, well done!!!


Well done to you. Now enjoy a lovely rest.


Thank you everyone - a bit of pain has kicked in, but I am proud so I will rest and give myself a virtual pat on the back (I cant raise my arms today!!! lol)



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