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If you have been following my various posts you will know that I have handed in my notice at my place of work. Not had a great weekend, sleeplessness and aches and pains. Normally I would get up and struggle on but this morning I thought sod it, I'm not going in. Last week I had constant phone calls at work on how to do this and that because another member of staff was off because of bereavement. Anyway, the boss that was ringing me has not once acknowledged the fact that I am leaving or in previous years done anything to help me i.e. Tools to make things more comfortable for me. So this morning I am thinking of me and they can learn to cope without me.

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  • Good for you darling,i know this might sound hard,but if you died they would have to manage wouldn't they. Your health is more important than people who don't care. If your poorly you can't function at work properly anyway. Hugs for you darling ooh and switch your phone off so they can't contact you. Rest up today darling hugs .xxxxx

  • Nobody is indispensable, the cemetery is full of those who thought they were. You're learning to look after yourself Ellie, listening to your body & it's saying stop for now. x

  • Good for you. Self-care and self preservation is so important for us when we we are dealing with our health issues. Today I choose me too. And it feels good.

  • Good on you - I too had a dreadful time at work both leading upto and after my diagnosis. It didn't help that we'd had a huge change of management at work,so it felt like my previous 6 years hadn't been taken into account at all!! Even after starting methotrexate for the first dose,and having to leave work an hour early because I just couldn't struggle on any longer,I got hauled into an office and told to 'go home and come back once I'd recovered!!' I seriously didn't think people(or huge corporations) could get away with things like that in this day and age,but it's amazing how they still do!! Anyway,after struggling for the best part of almost 18 months,when they were again deciding to reshape the company,I had the chance of being placed elsewhere or taking redundancy along with the rest of our team,so I took the latter and hobbled out to my car,and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted - it may have started a whole host of other problems about having no structure to my day for the first time since I left school at 15 back in 89,but it was a small price to pay for my sanity - no longer did I need to be on anti depressants because if I wanted to feel sorry for myself and cry,then I could,I had enough medication jiggling around inside me without that one too - this was finally a time for me to be completely selfish and just think about me and my needs for once(I'm a carer for my partner who has bipolar,so that really is a huge thing for me to be able to do). Yep,I've had my struggles since leaving,but I wouldn't want to be back there at all - it really did drive me slowly mad.

    So here's to you realising that YOU are the one that's important,not work,and I sincerely hope you find the strength to do what you need to in order to find relief and peace every day,if you're at work and need to leave because of being ill,then just get up and go - I know it sounds easier than it actually is,but they really will survive without you..... if your company are anything like mine were,they truly don't give a stuff about your health,regardless of what they say,I always found their actions to speak louder than their words,so stay strong,and think of you - you have to be selfish at times just to keep your sanity and health.

  • Congratulations !!!! I should take a leaf out of your book and be sensible. Rest and enjoy xxxx

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