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Last day at work


Friday is my last day at work sadly, not that I have been going in due to a chest infection I caught over Xmas. But my last day is as I have said I was made redundant from my council. So next week I am signing on and going down the unemployed trail. I have felt much better RA way since I have been off and at my age of 60 I am resolved to retirement. I'll keep you informed how I get on with benefits, it may be of help to others. If anyone has any advice it will be most welcome.


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Your in good company beeper,as i have had the same since xmas and im on my third lot of antibiotics. If when you go to sign onsee about getting onto esa, that means your unfit for work. You might have to have a medical,but it will take the pressure of you while you get your health sorted out. If you do get on esa you will be able to work 16hrs a week without it affecting esa.

I hope you have some success with whatever you choose to do.




Sorry about your redundancy - but it sounds like you're feeling better not working.It may be worth checking out ESA rather than JSA at the moment.There's lots of info on about all the benefits available.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on

Julie x



I agree with applying for ESA as they then give you a lot of help trying to get onto a government scheme called Access to work, should be on Department of works and pensions website.

They will take your RA into account and look for job opps where you could retrain or be redeployed or even work less hours. It has given me more advice so good luck and enjoy the little bit of rest.Axx


Hi Beeper,

Sorry to hear your job is going, it's not easy finding something else.

I'm a pensioner now but I was made redundant 2 years before I was 60 so had to go and sign on (first time ever).

One question they asked me was "Do you consider yourself disabled?" - I answered that I didn't - I do wonder if I had said yes if they may have given me more help in finding a job.

Hope you manage to find a job ASAP


When you go to the Jobcentre ask to see a Disability Employment Advisor on account of your medical condition. That's what I did so they wouldn't force me to apply for jobs I physically cant do. My DEA referred me to Remploy . They've put me on a few courses and I'm doing a job placement next week at a high street store to get some experience as I havn't worked for some years.

Good luck.


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