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What friends are for

Two days since Mum died I wonder when will I realise and accept she has gone. Had my hair done today and then my best friend went with me to the funeral directors. Sorted out as much as possible and then went to the pub with my friend and a few others came along too. Anyway we had a chuckle and a few glasses (bottles of wine) and now I am off to bed.

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were would we be without our friends


friends are so inportant.. you take care


Lovely to hear from you Sharon :) Glad you had someone to go with you to see the funeral directors, support of friends at times like these is invaluable. Early days yet, don't overdo things and try to take each day as it comes. You will be in shock and it can make you and things round you feel quite unreal.

Thinking of you,

Lyn x


Friends are what make the hardest times bearable and the good times better.

Thinking of you too xxx


Glad you are not alone. Nice to have good friends to call on...take care x Julie


Hi Sharon

good you went out, I missed my Mum for years she died 24 years ago from breast C I wish we knew then what we know now. The things my Mum tought me with out me realising is amazing, and i'm pretty sure we all morp into our mums eventually, so you will be saying things your mum said to you and remembering things you did together. The hurt and sadness goes on for a while then it starts to fade you will never forget just it won't hurt so much.

So for now, have the support of your friends and it never hurts to have a trip out a glass of wine and a chat.

keep blogging and i hope your RA is behaving for you.

Tricia x


Thankyou Tricia you are right our Mums are so special and teach us so much.


Hi Sharon, thinking of you, so glad you have your friends around you they will be so supportive for you at this time.

Take care

mand xx


Thinking of you - I lost my Granpa this weekend - it's tough isn't it? xx


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