The Day I Got Caught With Drugs, Mattcass

Me and Fran last year use to go to the football home games in Glasgow and we would normally see who was on duty with sniffer dogs are they are known as, we were standing in a Q when one of the dogs spotted me along with the handler I try and not be to familiar when they are working when the dog started barking and sat down at my feet and when I tried to move up the Q it was still barking which indicated to the handler I was carry drugs or other substances, then I remembered I had 2 Dihydrocodeine in my pocket that I had forgotten to take out John the handler had no option but to go through the procedure and ask me to stand away from the Q Fran was in stitches my face was so red everyone was looking at us If there was a hole big enough I was in it. Everyone saw the funny side but me and the dog.Matt

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  • Wot a laugh !!! We went to Chelsea flower show 2 yrs ago and Beautiful springer spaniel sniffer dog parked itself at my feet, staring me in the eye with his big golden eyes!! The handler asked me to open my bag, nothing, he still kept staring!!! I then emptied my jacket pocket and found a tube of polos, which turned out to be what the dog did not like!!! They are so fantastic these dogs. By the way i had insulin pen in my bag and he was not the slightest bothered about that. We went on our way thru and had a fantastic day!!! Lynda x

  • Hi Lynda Thank You, I get my own back when I hide their seeks I make it so hard for them, but it's pointless they are so good, matt

  • Sorry Matt but that is funny.....did they do a full body search...LoL!! xx

  • Hi Luthien Thank You, If I did not know them that was the next move, I would have demanded a female handler to search me just to see Frans face. Matt

  • Love it Matt on a drug run :-)

  • lol, do you think they would spot my morphine tablets? xx

  • Hi allanah Glad your back hope you are well, I'm having a pain free period myself, The dogs will get you that's for sure.Matt

  • Sooooo funnyyyyyy Matt it could only happen to you. Love it.xxxx

  • Hi sylvi That's what I said!!

  • ooh matt you are so funny x

  • Hi Summer Not at the time it wasn't. Matt

  • My goodness Matt. A whole new side to you! Being caught by a sniffer dog. It will take a while to live that down! LavendarLady x

  • Thank You, The last thing I do is to make sure my pockets are empty, Matt

  • hummmm funny think that will take some time to live down!!!!!lol xx

  • Thank You, your are right it gets brought up all the time by Fran, Matt

  • After reading your post about you hiding things for the training dogs, thinks they got there revenge on this occasion. I think dog scored one back for dog kind. Lol

  • I would love to see your dogs, I have sent a friend request from facebook,


  • on a day out with my friend Jan, I was on my scooter in poundland. my friend was nipping to a charity shop, gave me a £1 and left.

    I paid for my shopping, laughed with the assistant at my friend paying for my item.

    I met Jan in the charity shop and she asked me to choose cola or lemon/lime.

    err lemon/lime why?

    she them took them out of my scooter basket - I'd shoplifted from a pound shop! 2 for a £1 - hence her giving me money!

    I went back in and paid 8-)

  • Hi Matt

    I had a sneaky view at your pictures Brilliant!!!

    Sniffer Dogs...........Need to adjust where I stick my "morphine patch" ha ha.....


  • That's so funny! I had a fairly similar experience back in 2000 when arriving in Sydney from Bangkok - the sniffer dog came up to my bag and I was worried someone had put drugs in there - it turned out it was an apple core which wasn't allowed!!! I'd eaten the apple on the plane but took the core with me (always hate leaving rubbish on planes!). When they asked 'Why did you tick the No box - ie no food on you', I said 'I didn't think it counted as I'd already eaten it! Luckily they let me off so I didn't have to pay the $50 fine.

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