May I Introduce Emma, Marks Bride To Be Mattcass

May I Introduce Emma, Marks Bride To Be Mattcass

Hi all, Why i have not done this before i can only apologize to Emma, She is to Mark what Fran is to me. Mark and Emma are getting married on June 15th 2014 they have known each other 7/8 years, Emma picks me up from work when Mark cant make it for some reason or another she is constantly on the phone or Facebook checking up on me, and as a special thank you me and Fran have booked a three week honeymoon in the Bahia Principe Tenerife we have all been there twice before and we love the place, in fact if we can get a flight me and Fran might be there next week we certainly need the break.Matt/Fran

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  • How lovely and exciting news about the wedding. You and Fran have a lovely family x

  • Welcome Emma to Matts family and you will be a welcome addition. Many congratulations to you both. I look forward to seeing the wedding

  • How lucky you are Mattcass to have wonderful family around you. Hope you manage to get to Tenerife it will cheer you up no end xx

  • Fran says not till after transplant consultation in Dec, She is right again, Matt

  • How lovely. You obviously have a very close family which in itself is a joy. I hope you get to go away to the sun and sand. I wonder if you would mind telling your insurance a lot higher because of your complaint? I was told it would be high for me...I do have fits.....perhaps that is why...I don't know. Maryx

  • Hi Mary As I am not on oxygen i don't tell them anything. Long haul trips may be different. Matt

  • Thank you for this...Maryx

  • Congratulations, Matt and Fran, and to Mark and Emma. I love weddings, new beginnings, all that love pouring all over the reception hall, so totally wonderful to behold!! I have 4 sons, so been through this remarkable occasion 3 times. The bachelor is the one out in Hollywood..wonder if he is looking for the right "starlet" :)

    I loved walking down the aisle as my son's Mother..I bought a handy 3-wheeled walker, as it is smaller, has no seat, but perfect for such occasions. I also use it when going to restaurants and movies. So Matt, if walking is a problem with your back, or standing for long times, you might want to consider a wheeed walker, unless you already have one. Got mine from the local PHarmacy.

    Most important, enjoy, savour the day! Loret

  • Hi Loret, Thank You there could be a problem with my hips by then but as long as I'm there on the day.Matt

  • Well many congratulations to you all. Hope you all have a wonderfully celebration xxx

  • What a lovely happy looking couple, congratulations to you all!

    I'm sure it will be the most wonderful day and hope you all have lots of relaxing fun in the sun.

    Take care of yourselves Matt/Fran xx

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