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Add Chiropractioner To My C.V. Mattcass

The Thought of paying a practitioner £65 for a consultation got made me thinking what can they do to release my trapped nerve, I was in my work walking around like Quasimodo if i can get myself standing straight up I could try and manipulate my leg myself I started to swing my leg like a pendulum i did this for 10 minutes then i started to flick my leg out, and for 10 minutes i was like Frankie Vaughan walking around my office singing Give Me The Moonlight and lifting my leg at the same time, I anyone saw me i would just say it's the medication, This was yesterday morning Fran could not believe what I told her so i showed her what I had done. Honest no pain and still got my my £65, No pain from my RA or Trapped Nerve this could be a Great Painfree Xmas Matt

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Frankie Vaughan! Now there's a blast from the past! Do you do discount rates for those of us on low income? I'd happily pay to see a few of those Vaughan moves again.

On a more serious note, however, I'm still getting sciatic pain Matt, some days worse than others, so I know just how debilitating it can be and how fantastic it was to be free of it for a while after an epidural.

Enjoy your break from it. Long may it last.



Wow, shades of Frankie Vaughan eh Matt? Have you got a gentle mans silver cane and top hat? Think of the money you could make performing in the clubs!! When we were kids mom took us to see Frankie in the panto at Wolverhampton, must have been around 1960 or so. How I remember that kick!! Don't go too mad now you have self cured your sciatica, I think we all tend to do that when we have a better day pain wise, then pay for it next day, Pace yourself!! Take care, lynda x


You keep bring a smile on my face...well done keep at it and I liked Frankie Vaughan...oh my such memories. Maryx


Well done you Matt,will we see you open for practice soon on our worn out bodies,ha


Glad you have sorted it yourself. just hope it lasts.All the best for now and that you have a pain free Christmas. Dont spend you savings all at once.

Hope everyone is pain free or as near as.

Sending you Matt and family regards for Christmas and hope that the trapped nerve stay free.



Well done you.Hears hoping you stay pain free for Christmas. Think i would pay money to see your manoeuvres!!!!!!!H ave yourself and family a very happy christmas and new year xx


Did your nerve shout Freedom when it escaped! Lol, well glad some thing is going right at last for you Matt! Hugs Axx


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