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Just remembered

For those of us with smog rents and sore feet this might amuse!!

I was trying to sleep in between the blooming air con making me think someone was breaking into my room, I even called security who seemed to think I was daft ( probably the right conclusion ) , anyway I reached onto my bedside cabinet for my mouth gel so I didn't get too dry and in the dark managed to squeeze in ibuprofen jel into my mouth instead!!!

Went running ( as much as I can) to the ensuite and feverishly started to wash out my mouth it was vile and my lips were burning. Anyway washed it out and remembered that I had forgotten my toothbrush!!!! Got one the next morning at reception as I didn't want to call them a second time for putting burning medication into my mouth after worrying about break ins. Luckily I had some coke so had that but then I was worrying about the acid on my teeth overnight and no toothbrush!!!!

So next morning me and Watson traipsed for toothbrushes , yes she forgot hers too lol!!

So I think that was nearly as bad as falling out of the room or something.

Note to self, put Brufen away from bed, put oral gel near bed............

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We were staying in a hotel close to manchester airport before flying to spain and we had the same problem. We called reception and someone came. It turned out the air con was faulting so they switched it off,not that it mattered as we had to get up at three for the plane,but we got our money back which was a blessing.

I have never had your problem with the mouth gel though and i bet that hurt. Have you thought about getting a little torch for your bedside table? I have a little pink one and i use it all the time when i want to see what time it is or if i have dropped something like inhalers. They are about three pounds and they glow in the dark as well so you can see


Hahahaha Allanah i can just picture you bless !! hope you are okay hun!! the little flash light is a really good idea sylvi where did you buy it from i'm always getting up in the night for the toilet and dont want to wake hubby by putting the light on as he has work the next day. I#m always stubbing my toe or bumping into things onee of those would be really helpful. Really think you should get one too Allanah, th you would have no more accidents with ibuprofen gel lol. You could take it to glasto as well hehe. hugs lena xxxx :))


hee hee think it was just cos i was travelling, i have one at home, AND watson did make me drink a cocktail, poured it down my throat , and the glass of red wine, she did!! joking, i just mixed them up xxxxxx


lol xxx


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