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I take Omeprazole in the morning to protect my stomach. I have taken my usual painkillers and tonight I have to take the MX before I go to bed. Unfortunately I have only just got my Fluoxetine (anti-pressant which i usually take in the morning) from the doctors this afternoon,took it with some water and it feels like it is stuck in my gullet. It is burning like hell and not amount of water or warm tea is shifting it. What the heck can I take. It feels like indigestion. can I have another Omeprzole. Trust me to get this when the doctors are shut!! I just got this enormous great lump in my throat. Help!

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  • Er...do you have an out of hours doctor to ring or a&e nearby? Doesn't sound very good to me so I'd get it checked out! Have you tried having some gaviscon or something similar to see of it helps? Thye may suggest another Omep but I'd check first...

    I once got a whole boiled sweet stuck in my throat and just as I opened the door to go to the hospital I swallowed it. I know it's not the same but it was quite funny (afterwards).

  • I agree with Jo get it checked, can you give the NHS Direct number a call I'm sure they can help.

    hope you get it sorted,

    mand xx

  • Oh Julie! Don't take anything else whatever you do. Try drinking a large glass of water in gulps, it may just shift it if it is stuck. However, I suspect the coating of the tablet has disintegrated and the contents have burned the lining of the throat. In which case damage done ... drink plenty of cooling drinks and don't take anything else (not even MTX!) until tomorrow.

    Good luck

    Lyn x

  • Hope you have it sorted now.

    I normally take 2 Omeprazole if my symptoms play up so if you cant get any help I think it should be safe xxx

  • Thanks everyone. I tried NHS direct and waiting for a call back by a qualified nurse. it has eased slightly,but i don't want to eat anything. Trying the water if it doesn't get better soon ill ring out of hours doctor. I think before my doctor has said can take an extra omeprazole when I was on diclofenac. What damage Lyn?

  • What I meant was if the fluoxetine got stuck and the outer covering began to dissolve the inner contents are likely to have burned the gullet on its passage through the system. So what you are feeling may not be the stuck tablet but rather the bit of the gullet that has been burned. I was just thinking if it was still stuck taking anything else you swallowed would cause an even bigger problem.

    Julie, I think after two hours and lots of water the tablet will have dissolved, especially so if it was a capsule. The outer case lasts only long enough for the capsule to make its way safely to the stomach.

    Hope you are okay,

    Lyn x

  • you can safely take another omperazole !alison here registered qualified pharamcy tech, call your rheum nurse if she is any good or gp, my advice would to be more wary of the methotrexate than the fluoxetine, if you are taking oral tablets, all tablets and capsules should be followed by a large glass of water, the maximum standard dose of omeprazole is 20 mg bd (twice a day)

  • Morning all. Thanks Lyn I think you are absolutely right. Fed up of waiting for NHS direct I rang out of hours and spoke with the on call doctor. He said I could have some gaviscon or rennie. There was no point taking an Omeprazole because of the way they work. So I had a couple of Rennies, belched a lot,had a bit of tea, more water then took the MX and went straight to bed. Was up three times going to the toilet....but feeling a bit better this morning. I have a sore throat though besides the lumpy feeling in my gullet so I am ringing the rheummy nurse in a minute, as my knee has swollen up too and I only had a depo on Thursday last.

    So hey ho, here we go.....

    Handy to know I can safely take 2 Omeprazoles which I think I will do on MX days at different times of day though. Thanks everyone

    Julie x

  • Glad to hear you're ok if not feeling brilliant (but then we're used to that aren't we?!). Best to get yourself checked over to make sure all is as it should be though x

  • Hi Julie

    I have a day off the lappie and it all falls apart, are you Ok?

    In a way it's a lesson to us all to drink more water with our pills, and Alison,(Summer) can be such a help with her knowledge and again LynW comes to the rescue, we are blessed to have such lovely people with RA. That brings me to my next blog hold the page


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