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just a quickie

Im having all my stuff remotely stored (Virgin media on line storage), computer still going but not v well its repair./ rebuild scheduled for 1st sun in october.. apologies for not being around much.. but computer!! main problem. my dads health not great either.. and work well... busy, and having to do professional study.. have done some.. as way behind

Any way off on hol for long weekend fri to the Gower(south wales) with some friends to recharge..( early morn drs appoint fri before setting off!)..


for now


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Hi Alison,

I guessed you were having computer problems, glad you getting a nice break away in South Wales. Sorry your dad still poorly must be quite stressful with work and everything else.

I just ordered some wool & knitting pattern on line (for post op therapy) am having it done 19/10, will be fine have stopped stressing.

Have a great time, some sea air will do you good.


xxx Gina.


Good luck with op.. will speak soon hopefully x


Oh dear Alison,

I hope you are ok? I worry about all the stress you are under triggering your ra or fibro so hoping the break away does you good x

thinking off you and your dad. hope your computer holds out.

enjoy your hols

take care

Julie x


Have been flaring a bit Julie.. but have my dear steroids still to take to hold it back and painkillers.. have been v tired! xx

speak soon #

Back tue.. stuff jumping on computer screen.. its v unstable!



alison, hope you have a lovely break. Hope your docs appt goes well this morning. I've got a doc appt this morning. will blog later about my week,plenty to say there. have a great weekend and hope the weather holds up for you.

love sylvia. xx


Get some laver bread ( Swansea Market) if you can. It's a lovely place hope weathers kind xxx


Hi Alison

Hope you have a lovely break. Rest up and relax.



Take care, hope you have a lovely time xx


Hi Alison, I know I've already said it but have a lovely weekend!

Just rest and enjoy yourself.

mand xx


Hi Ali,

Have a good break and try to recharge your batteries:-)

Cece x


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