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Well we are home. Had a lovely day with all the ladies from NRAS. Talks interesting and informative. Learned how much they do in that office.You wouldn't believe what work they get through. Had a lovely chat with all the girlies,sorry if i can't remember your names as i am now exhausted.We both enjoyed ourselves very much. If you get a chance to go to one of these days i would reccommend you go and meet all the staff who work on our behalf. Thank you all for a lovely day.xxxxxxx

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So pleased you had a good day have a good rest nowxxx

Glad you had a good day. Sorry I wasn't able to join Carol

Lovely to meet you Sylvi and so glad that you enjoyed the day and found it helpful.

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sylvi in reply to TraceyH

I did enjoy it Tracey,and it was lovely to put faces to

So pleased you enjoyed it I'm gutted to have missed out, I cancelled my hotel last week as health is not good at moment , hence why I've not been around at all lately :-/

Take care and I'll catch up proper when feeling up to it xx

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I'll be honest i nearly didn't go. I am glad i went though despite suffering

It was a great day, I did suggest they put our log in names on our name badges next time so that it would help us put face to names of those we chat to on here.

Either way, I agree it was great day and has fired me up to push my rheumatologist for more support so I can get back to some of the sports I love (Im the one who was told by Physio that I would never ride a push bike ever again and I was not taking my disease seriously).

Hope youre fully recovered today Sylvi

Why didn't you speak to me i would love to have met you. I think i remember you now,you were on the right hand side of the room wasn't you.xxxx

Yeah I was on the right. I was with my friend who doesnt have rheumatoid so she felt a little awkward when left alone, so I was conscious of her all the time. It is a shame, but I did get the opportunity to chat to a few members that I have not met previously so Im still happy with the day :-)

Pleased it went wish I had been able to go xx

Thanks for coming Sylvi, it was lovely to meet you! Maybe next year we should organise a little meet up for everyone on Health Unlocked during one of the breaks so you don't miss each other!

Now that is a damn good idea.WE enjoyed it though it took a lot out of me,but i was glad i made the

Hi Sylvi

It was lovely to meet you and thank you for your lovely comments on here. I'm pleased you found the day worthwhile. I know you weren't feeling 100% so it was lovely of you to come.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)

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sylvi in reply to Victoria-NRAS

I still aren't feeling great,but i am glad my hubby didn't let me get out of coming. Thank you for the stuff that came today for me to give to the

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