What ideas have you got for NRAS in 2013?

What ideas have you got for NRAS in 2013?

We are putting together our events timetable for this year, and whilst we have our challenge events planned we do appreciate that these really appeal to family members and friends of those with RA who want to support us, and generally not to those of you who have RA. We would love to hear from you with any ideas that you have for ways you would like to get involved or things you might like to do to help us raise funds to support you. Email me at tracey@nras.org.uk or post your replies here and I look forward to seeing what you would like us to do!

Thank you!

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  • I would like to see some things like Nras stands at more GP or nurses events. I think you could really help by letting hospital staff know how to help someone with RA or even just know about it!

    Volunteers could man a table at Rheumy outpatients occasionally and collection tins may be available, or a collection day In main cities with volunteers collecting? Don't know if these sorts of things possible but just some ideas.! ,

    My daughter says she would like leaflets through doors, tv adverts like wwf do with a link for cash or cake sales! Oh and bungee jumping, sponsored runs, claims ,bungee jumps, local schools doing sponsored silences! Hers are more vigorous than mine lol Axx

  • Yes CAKE sales, sponsored events etc and info stands as per allanah

  • Thanks Summer. We are about to launch the NRAS Tea Party event for 2013 (which we have done for the past two years too) and so do try and encourage people to hold a tea party or cake sale to raise funds for us and also raise awareness of the disease so if you would like a Tea Party fundraising pack do let us know!

  • Thanks for your post Allanah. We do often have stands at nurse and GP events and work closely with lots of the rheumatology units across the UK to raise awareness but unfortunately not all units are good at distributing or disseminating information to patients as I am sure you are aware!

    We do occasionally have a table at rheumatology outpatient clinics but with only a small team in Maidenhead it is not always feasible to do. However, if any of our members would be willing to man a table at their local clinic we would be very happy to liaise with the unit to see if we can arrange this.

    We would love to do TV adverts but the cost is too prohibitive sadly but who knows, maybe in the future! We have just arranged a skydive for May if your daughter is keen(!) and will certainly look at bungee jumps too to see what is on offer. We have charity places in the Great North Run, Great South Run and the Royal Parks Half Marathon and many people do take part in local runs in their area to raise funds and we can send an NRAS running vest or T-shirt to anyone who is doing this to help publicise the cause and also help with setting up an online donation page.

    We would love to get more involved with schools and educating younger people about the disease so if anyone out there would be willing to ask their school to get involved we would love to hear from you.

  • have you ever thougt of putting an app out for android phones on say ra like food exersise or anything like that and chare for it

    regards john

    go forward a bit never know what you might make

  • Re fund raising and therapy for RA sufferers you could have a themed art exhibition with artworks for sale and some of proceeds going to NRAS? Up here Age Concern had an auction of postcard artworks all for sake for £10 and I believe it made a lot of money for them. The Royal College of Art in London do this as an annual event for Age Concern. I am reluctant to suggest charity art auctions however when most artists live off a shoe string and can ill afford to make futher sacrifices to their income. However it would be great if next year's Xmas cards could be of artworks made by NRAS members rather than off the peg commercial type images. Personally I'd like to see an NRAS organised exhibition based on RA hands.

  • We really like the idea of NRAS members creating Christmas card designs and is definitely something we will look into so thank you! We have had a couple of art exhibitions by people with RA and do have some budding artists in our membership so perhaps we could approach them... the next Members' magazine has an article by a lady called Imogen who is an artist so do have a read.

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