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Rubbish at getting through even day one

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Struggling to get through day one!

Can anyone give me any advice on what’s the best way to get through this, ive read Allan cars book and somethings just not clicking.

I just need to become a non smoker now as I’m fed up smoking and just need so advice!

Thank you

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The book never worked for me at all, have you tried patches? Or a e cig? Maybe doing something to occupy your mind when you crave like a game on your phone or housework may help x

I used champix to get through the first weeks worth of cravings, it's also important that you throw away smoking related things and don't give in to easily and buy more. Seems easier said than done but once you get through those first few days it's gets easier to say no to yourself. Best of luck!

Hy! :) Try doing something that will keep you busy and give a good feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Like... organize someting that you've been putting off for a long time, washing the car, going and visiting a beloved grandma, going to a gym or for a run... anything that will keep you busy will make it easier. If you like them, play a PC game, or watch some captivating show or go to a big museum (no smoking inside :D ) or go to a movie or a play or browse the stores in a mall or fix something around the house or re-arrange the furniture or paint the walls or... anything that you like. Smoking is a habbit. It was created in time and you can't just not do it and not miss it: what you can do is to replace it with other activities. Do not drink alcohol, at least at first! Stay way from meeting with friends, espeacially in a bar or at the beach etc.! Drink lots and lots of water: every time you want to smoke, drink a sip of water. Get some cherries or strawberries or something like this, in a bowl near you, and snack on them instead of something "heavier". Walk around the city to find new places. Join some voluteering charity. Take a nap... or anything else that comes to your mind (except smoking because... well... it took a lot to stop even until now and it will take a second to start, so... just don't, no matter what! :) ). GOOD LUCK! :)

Or...sleep a lot or... go and get a pet that you've always wanted (figuring that out, will keep you busy a few days... at least) or... go on forums and try to help people :D or go help a neighbour or at the Church (or Mosque or... ---) or get yourself into some comitee or donate blood or get an appointment to see a doctor for something you've been putting off for some time or go on Duolingo or learn to cook/paint/for an exam/search for a free class and join it or go for a walk with a non-smoker (it's better if that person hates smokers). Remember that across the world, right now and in every second, there are lots of people going through the exact thing (I'm from Romania :D ): be one of those that succed and figure out how to quit, minute by minute. :)

It sounds like you really do want to quit as do I... I've been wanting to quit for a while now but haven't taken the steps to get it done, then the other night I had an epiphany; that I can quit if I want to quit, I just have to make the decision and get off the fence . If I'm going to quit then I'm getting rid of everything smoke related, I'm cleansing my home and self energetically with sage (smudging), and I'm introducing exercise (replacing one habit for another)... I'm about to smudge and from that point on, I will no longer smoke. Wish me well as I do you!

Stop thinking about it

Have you come across Joel Spitzer's work? I used his YouTube day by day videos to get me through the first few weeks

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