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Gotta keep going

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Day 7, not had cigarette, struggling now and thought I’d look up support, put three pound on this week 😂 but who cares …. No fags!

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Anna_maggs961 Year Smoke Free

Hi, It is hard and it is a constant struggle, but believe me it's worth it, just remember why you are giving up be it for money reasons, health, family.

It's really worth it and it does get easier little by little.

And you also have a good support system to help you through it with this page


Thankyou Anna, health reasons mainly, too many chest infections, I work with kids and pick it up from them….. booked in for X-ray and lung function test … feel bit scared about it all and thought enough is enough….. I’ve done it before so I can definitely do it again x

Hi,I'm on day 6,I am using patches tho,that is the one thing I'm worried about is putting on weight but then I thought to myself once I've quit I'll hopefully be fit enough to do alot more excersise and lose it again,out of the 2, I'd rather quit the fags,so well done I know how you feel.

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Yoghurt60 in reply to Eve1963

Thanks Eve2963, as you said, I’d rather quit the fags and not be a social outcast as smokers normally are…. Can’t wait for tmw will be double figures … day 10 and getting a bit easier xxx

Yippee!!!!!!!!!! Double figures today, day 10…. Getting easier now…. Weekend was great no cravings, took up new hobby- paddle boarding… paid for itself by not smoking!

That's brilliant 😁😁well done you

How are you doing? Surviving, but okay?

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