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Looking for support

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Looking for support to get rid of this deamon nicotine. Is there anyone who can help??

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How's it going I? Have you made a start?

Hi there 😁 yes I am now on day 4 without any cigarettes. I get to about half 4 and then it drives me crazy for a couple of hours 🙄🙄🙄

But look at you! If you can get through those few hours for 4 days, you can get through a week. And then two. Etc etc! I'm hitting seven days in a couple of hours. My peak danger zone is my drive home from work...passing all those shops is a bit testing.

PS I love your name, it's good to see some positive affirmation :) Tomorrowyou will be so pleased!

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NaAzAya in reply to Incy_Wincy

How about Today?

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Icandothisme in reply to NaAzAya

Hi x am now on 11 days xx 😁😁😁onwards and upwards for all of us x

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Rice333 in reply to Icandothisme

I'm struggling. Andy

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Icandothisme in reply to Rice333

Listen to Allan carr stop smoking and you can do this 👍👍👍I'm on 3 weeks today and still have the occasional pang but then look how good my skin is and how good my bank account is and push forward x good luck keep it up 🙂🙂

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shar69 in reply to Icandothisme

Hi, can I ask what changes you have seen in your skin please, as this is another reason I'm wanting to quit

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Icandothisme in reply to shar69

It looks years younger x like I have just had a facial but every day 👍👍smoother and has a proper glow now without any makeup x

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shar69 in reply to Icandothisme

Wish me luck lol, really pleased for you keep up the good work x

Hi there Icandothisme, it's been nearly a week! Hope you're still going strong.

Hi 😁 yes still on the right path x I know u don't want to smoke anymore but sometimes I just get the urge 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ am using satsumas as a substitute 😂😂

Hi 😁thank you for replying. Yes am still on the straight path. Just keep telling myself the benefits x how are you??

Seriously happy to hear that. It does get easier, even when things happen that could drive you straight to the packet of white sticks! My life has been quite challenging recently, but happy to say that I have been able to resist the urge. Hope it stays that way. Holding thumbs for all of us.

Definitely 👍👍

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