Thanks for having me!!

Hi everyone, I'm Amy and I quit on 15th August. I'm a repeat offender and am trying to quit this time using patches and quick mist. I'm hoping this time will be the last time i quit! My goals are different, I have a little boy and when I was pregnant I was able to stop with no issues but soon started again : ( my main issue is that my husband smokes and I'm finding is so difficult this time. Thanks for reading xx

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  • Hello Amy, welcome to the forum! I'm a repeat offender myself, tried many times...but this one seems to be sticking.

    What's quick mist? I haven't come across that one before.

    There are a few here who have also tried to quit with a smoking partner in the house, so you may get some good advice from them.

    Let us know how you're getting on and post as often as you need to.

    Finally, well done on getting to three days and I hope we can help you push on.

  • Hi, it's nicorette mouth spray, it's just the brand name

  • Ah, right...thought it was some sort of new invention!

    Tried that before, good for a quick hit to relieve a craving.

  • Hi Amy85 welcome to the forum. You're in very good company being a repeat offender. I've quit many times before too as have quite a few of us.

    Fabulous that you've already nailed the 3 hardest days.

    Best of luck

    Lulu xx

  • I have 3 smokers in my house, one bring my husband, no one smokes inside, You just have to remember why you want to quit and show him how strong you are, eventually that envy you feel when they light up will turn to pity for them. No smoker really wants to smoke they are just feeding their addiction. Wishing you the best on your quit journey.

  • Hello Amy. I am currently on relapse no.3 and hope never to have another one.

    My husband also smokes and in the beginning, I found this very, very difficult. I had to ask him to hide all evidence of cigarettes from me. I also insisted he did not mention smoking or tell me when he was going in the garden to smoke. It is really tough. However, it is not an impossible task!

    Focus on one day or even, one morning\afternoon at a time. If it got too hard at night I would sometimes just go to bed early. Sometimes I would just repeat 'I do not smoke' to myself when he was in the garden.

    You can do this. It is difficult so get him on side and hide anything related to smoking so you are not reminded of it.

    Good luck!

  • With a big smile and a warm welcome from me.

    I can honestly say please read and post often it truly helps with our positivity in staying quit.

    Doing great, just keep going

    This is a wonderful forum, with lots of tips and indeed advice if needed.

    Look forward to your updates

  • Thanks everyone for the great advice, I'm finding the evenings hardest at the moment but seem to be ok in the morning which is a huge improvement. So glad I found this forum and best of luck to everyone x

  • Amy...Warm welcome and we are glad to have you amongs't us...It really will be difficult with a smoker next to you and seen that you are a self acknowledged serial quitter so much more.... But Amy you want to be smoke free and that counts....Stay strong, post often and tell us your have already done 3 days which is huge ... Congrats..!!

  • Belated welcome Amy85 and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit. Hope you are getting on ok as you reach today your first huge milestone of 1 week. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Stay close to us here and post as often as you need to and keep us update on your progress.

    Your 1 week badge is on its way!! :)

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