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Highly Addicted to Nicorette Quickmist

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A bit if history.. I was a smoker for about 4 years and quit on a whim one day at work because I didn't feel like smoking anymore. I took straight to the Nicorettw Quickmist and have been on it for about 5 years.

The spray has become such an awful habit to the extent that I can have a cigarette (ocasionally) and feel like (and have) a spray immediately after. I started with 1 spray and then went up to 2 and sometimes its 3.

There are times I have it so often it actually makes me feel physically sick. I get awful tastes in my mouth frequently like a rotting tooth taste but my teeth are fine (dentist checked), I have frequent throat problems like clearing my throat constantly and obviously it's causing side effects. I go through a 3 pack of spray every week.

If I can't find my spray immediately when I feel like one I start having a mild anxiety attack. I could be lying on it for all I know but I'll turn a room upside down to try to find it. I feel without it I can't socialise, I feel on edge and feel different to my normal self. It's become my security blanket and I practically sleep with it in my hand. This is bad!!

Im down to finally contemplating quitting cold Turkey and have been going nuts on the thing trying to make the most of my last few sprays but I feel anxious in advance for when it's gone.

I sought help from the doctor and she just recommended me to a psychiatrist 😂

Tell me there is hope in quitting this horrid addiction... please.

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As your doctor was unhelpful, you could try at a pharmacy. A pharmacist would know what's in the spray and be able to advise based on that.

Nicotine is in the spray...

Hi! I'm in the same position as you, except I've been able to cut out cigarettes completely. Sadly, I'm incredibly stuck on the quick mist and it's draining my bank like no tomorrow. I've posted on here before and from what I've seen, there is hope! Some people have managed to quit cold turkey, but I think it's better to try to cut down before going cold turkey.I've gone about a week without it, then a week back to it, then a week again without. Somehow I can't seem to get past that point though yet, only on 7 day rotations. I'm back on it again (and hard as ever) due to family health stress and the usual, but after this last cartridge runs out I plan to have another go at quitting for a week and seeing if I can turn that week into a little bit longer.

Once you start quitting, it's not as scary because you'll find out exactly how you can cope with it. For me personally, I didn't have any physical symptoms but the boredom was intense. All the times I would have normally used quick mist felt like I was missing out on something important. As if I were trying to eat a meal without cutlery. But, you get used to it, and eventually one day, you will barely even remember what quickmist was.

As a side note, I tried using patches during the times I was quitting and found it helped somewhat. Perhaps it was just placebo, or peace of mind, but I convinced myself that I was getting lower dosages of nicotine to help me get off the mist.

Oh, and also I highly recommend keeping a journal about what you feel when you quit. Even if you can't go for more than a few hours or a day without it, just try. And write down everything you feel and think when the cravings come (even if it's all the time). For me, I found reading, watching a movie or TV show would help distract me even for just a little bit. Do you have any hobbies? Or a routine that you can keep to? You need to change your habits surrounding the quick mist spray so that it's no longer associated with a part of your daily life.

No matter what it is you're quitting, you'll learn more about yourself once you give it a go. There is hope, and other people have successfully quit so hang in there.

I remind myself that there are so many health risks related to nicotine usage (not just the cigarettes), and using such a high dosage of nicotine for a long time is most likely going to affect my heart, blood pressure, and brain. And of course, my savings. What are some things you could spend the money on aside from nicotine?

You'll get there, I'm positive we both will. We just have to make it through one day at a time. And a relapse means you just have to keep trying.

Good advice I never used the mist that ur talking about but I did smoke 2 & 3 packs a day for over 25 yrs. My husband & I quit the same time! You have to get your mind on a new track, start thinking totally different & make a list of reasons why you want to quit what ever you decide to quit. That does help & you can add or subtract from your list any time you want! We are now over 21 yrs quit smoking. I will add you both to my prayer list. God bless both of you. Mary

Nicorette Quickmist is a really nasty and addictive substance, I had been smoking for about 25 years I quit in January and I was using the Quickmist. I found it so addictive and I was waking up with horrible nicotine hangovers that gave way to more intense cravings.

In the end I got so sick and tired of it that I threw all of them away and went cold turkey, and boy was that tough, constant cravings, cold like symptoms, lack of sleep, depression ect ect. I have been off the Quickmist for about two weeks now and I feel so much better mentally and physically.

I still crave for it but there is absolutely no way I am ever going back to that stuff it's actually evil that they give this to smokers as a quit aid. It is way more addictive than cigarettes or other forms of NRT, I also started to realise that it was the nicotine addiction that was the main issue and as long as I was consuming it I was not facing up to the real problem.

The only thing that got me off the spray was shear determination and the fact that I do not want to live my life as junkie enslaved by Nicorette Quickmist. Yes it was painful but so was being on that spray and the pain of giving it up was worth it to be free.

Don't fall for it calling you in, Nicorette Quickmist is like an abusive partner and the only way forward is to end the relationship !

I can relate totally - exactly the same experience on Nicotinell lozenges. They are the epitome of evil and I am now 6 days into what is definitely my last attempt to get off them. I'm so angry that this stuff is just available to buy off the shelf in the supermarket too - not even behind a pharmacist's counter.

I’ve had same experience on e-cigarettes- I’m now more addicted to vaping than I ever was to smoking!! I’m trying a course of champix

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Hi Redelly, hope you're coping with kicking the e-cigarette habit. The Champix really works for a tobacco habit, but I'd be interested to know how it works with vapes or e-cigarettes. Holding thumbs that it works well! 👍

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Redelly in reply to merriden

No effect on vaping as yet. Day 12

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merriden in reply to Redelly

I am sorry to hear that, but wish you well in this brave endeavour! Stay strong, although one doesn't really know how bad vaping is, but it is surely better than cigarettes!

I’m so addicted to Quickmist too, for the last 2 years. Before that the lozenges. I’m finally facing up to it and reading these posts is helping me realise I can stop. I just need to decide to stop! The Quickmist is my security, my entertainment, my comfort, my help, it’s with me everywhere I go, it calmed me, it excites me. But I am sick of being it’s slave. Plus I know it must be bad for me. I can feel it. It’s such a mental and physical addiction that even deciding if I want to stop is a battle. Half of me says “carry on” and the other half says “stop”.

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