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First day

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Hi everyone it’s my first attempt to stop smoking, put on my first nicotine patch on today wish me luck!

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HiBest decision of your life! Also recommend Allen Carr Easy way to stop smoking. Dispels all the myths, illusions and excuses to smoke. After 40 years of smoking I have stopped in less than 4 weeks. Good luck and don't give in. Reduce all nicotine products to nil, you are not addicted to cigarettes but nicotine.

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Fats123 in reply to Whale1

Hi yes thank you for for that I just downloaded on Amazon, had a restless sleep which was awful! Also had crazy dreams that felt so real is that normal?

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Whale1 in reply to Fats123

Try taking the patch off before you go to bed. You don't smoke during the night. Put it on again in the morning.

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Fats123 in reply to Whale1

Thanks for that 😀 will try

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Bobskyla in reply to Fats123

Oh yes! The crazy dreams are definitely something new to deal with, I take mine off at night which helps but the dreams are still happening.

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Fats123 in reply to Bobskyla

Took the patch off last night before bed and I got some sleep and no dreams so I think I might continue with that ☺️ On day 3 now, how about you? How was quiting for you?

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Welcome to our community Fats123 , congratulations on making the best decision of your life to stop smoking. As Whale suggested, if wearing the patches at night could be causing the sleep disruption but is also a common withdrawal from nicotine.

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Fats123 in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you this is my first attempt to quit and I must admit it’s been awful day today! But hopefully will beat this 😬 and hopefully get some good sleep tonight as I got nothing last night.

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