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Been smoking for 32 years & really want to quit, problem I have, I turn in to a miserable git when I try. Any ideas on quitting without using a substitute. Stay safe everyone

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It's all down to you at the end of the day .I just got up one day and thought that's it no more and that was 6 months ago .I just knew vaping or patches wouldn't work so went cold turkey. Just decided now or never .You can try vaping but that's still smoking in a way and could lead you back on the cigarettes like iy would myself .Try visiting some hospitals and see people with smoking related illnesses or look on youtube .Try and keep an image in your head of that will be you one day and that might very well put you off lighting one up . like it has me . All the best with it

I'm basically in the same boat as you mate but trying to get back out. An e cig, or vape pen or whatever you want to call them is the obvious choice, but keep in mind they deliver the nicotine through the mouth, like a pipe or cigar, and not the lungs, so it takes a bit longer to get a buzz.

My preferred oil is VIP British Gold and you can get it in strengths up to 18mg (a regular tab only has about 6mg, so it's strong stuff), all easily available through eBay, although you might have to pass a face check to determine your age (you'll get the request through the email connected to your eBay account and take a picture of your face with your phone camera before they'll post it).

It's not the same as a tab, but it can tide you along and help you not smoke as much as usual, the rest is down to willpower. It kept me away from the real thing for almost a year but personal stuff dragged me back down - might work for you.

I'm also waiting for a free sample of Nordic Spirit - little packets of flavoured synthetic chewing tobacco that you slip under your lip that release nicotine over an hour.

Give the vape a try and check out the Nordic Spirit thing - hopefully one or both will help out.

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