I have quit smoking, for gooood!

So today is my first smoking free day! I feel great, I had my last cigarette yesterday and took a vow that I would never take one again. I'm going to try and document my journey (forgive me if I forget) but yeah, for anyone out there struggling through the cravings (I haven't experienced them) ask yourself 'why do I want a cigarette' and 'what will this cigarette do for me?' Because you won't be able to answer anything but 'NOTHING' because they do nothing for you, remember that!

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  • hi and congrates on yr first day of many smoke free days take every day as it comes we are always here help with yr ups and downs were family unit that helps each other

  • Hi Lauravm,

    Well done on the 1st day of your quit - I'm so glad that you chose not to become only a weekend smoker!

    Keep strong and glad to hear your cravings have been ok - just be prepared as they can come out of nowhere...

    I think I'm right in saying that you have quit for two months before so you know what to expect.

    I quit for good 3 weeks ago tomorrow after 25 years of smoking and NO WAY do I want to go through these first few weeks again - I don't think I could!

    Keep us updated with your progress and remember, someone is always here if you need extra support.

    Take care,

    Mel :)

  • hi lauravm thats great news! happy to have you on board :) if theres any advice i can give its to just remember as best as you can your reasons for quitting everday keep them fresh in your mind, as once uve been stopped for a while it can be easy to forget and thats when relapses happen, wishing you strength and success :)

  • Thank you! You too!

  • Congratulations Lauravm and welcome to Day 1 of the best journey you will ever embark. Stay close to us and have a look at below pinned post of some helpful posts if not already read.


  • Thank you!

  • Heya,

    Congrats on your choice. I'm only 6 days ahead of you and I'm glad the cravings are going easy on you.

    After 40 years of doing the wrong thing I decided to change, I have good moments I have bad moments, in the end the good will outweigh the bad. So all I can say is good for you and keep the prize in mind.

  • Hello, just popping my head in to say. I soo hope today is a great smoke free one.

    It always rather delightful when for what ever reason we decide to quit, , not least as we all know it's just not cool , not healthy, so fortoday just keep going

    Great decision and welcome

    Looking forwarded to your updates

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