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How to quit smoking?


Hello! I am new here and i have question. How to quit smoking?

I look forward to your suggestions

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There are lots of ways to quit but you have to be strong. I am on day 18. I use NRT lozenges which I will gradually taper off. There are patches and other NRT products out there too. My biggest problem for me is telling myself no. I say affirmations like I don’t want to be a smoker out loud every 1/2 hour to change my mindset. I also use an app called Calm which teaches you how to meditate and has lovely music. I was smoke free for 7 months. I had an anxiety attack over something and I smoked. I think being aware of your triggers and changing your mindset are key. It’s not pleasant but supporting each other I know we can be non smokers. I am in the US and it’s Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful I am smoke free.

Hi Mary, I'm wanting to quit too.I've committed to 5 a day for a few days in the hope I can reduce later this week!

How you doing?

Cyclist2021 in reply to Durr

Hi Mary & Durr ,

Hope you are both well,

I too would like to quit, before I quit quitting.. I have failed so many times before its embarrassing...

LanarkValued Contributor

Do you actually want to stop? If you are clear on this then it is very, very simple. You are going to set a date, draw a line and step over it. I did it 14 years ago at a time when I liked my fags. Don't bother with Nicotine Patches, gum and vaping that is just the Tobacco Industry and Big Pharma trying to keep your cash funneling their way. They also want you to imagine that stopping being a smoker is impossible without Vaping, Patches and Gum. Rubbish! The only thing going into your lungs should be air and you wont miss Nicotine after a few days. Believe me. Set a date (very soon is very good). Draw a line. Back there you were a smoker. From that point in time on when you cross that line You Are No Longer A Smoker. End of. Two simple and easy to follow rules.

1. Never purchase Tobacco, Cigarettes or any Tobacco product ever again.

2. Never put a cigarette or any tobacco product in your mouth ever again.

Stick to those two simple rules and you will have a healthier, wealthier, sexier, longer, more active and happier life - for the rest of your life. You only get one life. Tobacco and Cigarettes were NEVER your friends. Leave them far behind. Set a date. Do it. You will NEVER regret it.

Chickweed12 Years Smoke Free in reply to Lanark

You said it all ‘Do you actually want to stop?’

LanarkValued Contributor in reply to Chickweed1

That is ALL it comes down to.👍

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