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10 days 5 hours and 16 mins

mabelman6 Months Smoke Free

Yeap 10 days 5 hours and 16 mins smoke free so far I have saved 93.5, my husband quit too so that savings is really 187.04...Improvements: Bad breath 100%, Tooth staining 73% Gums and teeth 73% pulse rate 100% Oxygen levels 100% Carbon Monoxide level 100%, Nicotine expelled from body 100% Taste & Smell 100% Breathing 100% , Energy levels 100%, Circulation 12%, Gum texture 11%, Coughs 7%, Reduced rick of Heart attach 2.80% Decreased risk of Lung Cancer 0.28% Decreased risk of heart attack 0.19%. GOAL: Increase my Circulation to 100%. Felt like crap for many years body always was tired and pain in legs hurt with feet and body always cold. Next week, time to start to learn how to stretch and exercise this old body into a new me!

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Great update on your progress mabelman - well done, keep it up and in touch with us :)

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1 month smoke free now mabelman - how are you getting on?

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