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Day 1 no smokes

mabelman6 Months Smoke Free

Hi this is day 1 of not smoking. I have been on champix for 12 days. I am 44 years old and believe it or not I have smokes for 30 years. I use to smoke about 10 to 12 cigs a day since I have been on chamois I have reduced from 10 to 6 to 4 to 2 and now today 0. I am doing ok just worried that about day 3 since that was when I had trouble when I was on the patch.

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Champix is great ..and you are doing fine just stay strong ..

With chantix is much easier than other ways to quit but still is not a magic pill .

I quit 15 month ago , and I will never smoke again

Keep it up

finallyfinished6 Months Smoke Free

Congrats! You can do it! I'm on day 22 using Zyban and willpower, I smoked for around 35 years. Have faith in yourself and buy some hard candies to suck on (they saved me quite a few times)!


Welcome mabelman - hope day 2/3 is going ok for you? Stay close to us and read up as much as you can here and elsewhere.

Keep busy, lots of water, fresh fruit and veg and a bit of a walk every day to clear the head :)

mabelman6 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks for the post, they actually help! Day 2 so far is going good. I went outside with a co-worker while she had a smoke. The smell was actually just what I needed. I didn't want to smoke at all, but the smell sort of relieved my craving and getting up to go outside at that time of day was part of my old routine. Which I think is the hardest part, not socializing with my co-workers that smoke. Coffee is not tasting as good as it use to so I may try to find something new to drink. I have been thinking about starting a new me....once I get some energy back. I feel so tired and I am not sure why.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to mabelman

I was the complete opposite in my first few weeks, made sure I was not around smokers as was terrified it would be too much off a temptation. When I started being around smokers, would say it was around the 6 week mark, absolutely detested the smell of smoke which has stood to me 3 years on now :)

The tiredness is perfectly normal and will pass - some herbal supplements from your local health food will help with this.

Below is a link to a pinned post with common nicotine withdrawal symptoms worth a read if not already done so:

Monica19691 Year Smoke Free

Hi Mabelman, how are you doing?

I quit with Champix too, it worked for me, I’m about to hit my 4 month mark and like you, in my 40’s and started smoking at 14/15 😱

Like Roisin says, the tiredness is normal, I was exhausted after work each day but I feel dab now, even taken on Couch to 5k at 48 lol

Stay close and post regular 💪💪💪

mabelman6 Months Smoke Free in reply to Monica1969

Hi Monica1969

That's great news to hear! That is my fall and winter goal...try to get into better shape, and be able to jog and ride a bike again without be winded after 40 secs! glad to hear there is hope for me. Can I ask, when did you stop taking Champix and how did you come off of it?

Monica19691 Year Smoke Free in reply to mabelman

I stopped after about 8 weeks but only because I kept forgetting to take it especially at night so I just abandoned them, luckily I was absolutely fine after that.

I didn’t wean myself, I just stopped, I know they say you shouldn’t but I was ok luckily 😃

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to mabelman

Going from other members who used champix mabelman, it is recommended to do the full 12 week course of them - some get the dosage extended if needs be - you will know yourself and how are you are feeling now on Day 3?

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