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A month and a smidgen

Lotika1 Year Smoke Free


I thought I should introduce myself properly... :) I gave up smoking, cold turkey, about a month ago, with Sunday 12th Aug as my first smoke free day, after... about 25 years of 20 a day on a good day and more on a bad one!

So far, so good. I must have given up 100 times but I think it's only the 3rd time I've got past 1 month. I've got passed a lot of other ugly firsts for this quit:

- first Friday night out with smoking friends sat in the pub garden with people lighting up all around me and a drink in my hand!

- first night out with best friend who smokes and who, somehow, doesn't make all the supportive comments that other friends make about not smoking. She is one of these people who only smokes when they go out.

- first music festival not smoking!

- got utterly drunk without smoking :)

- got bereaved (not a hugely close one but enough that a glass or two of red were required) without smoking

- definitely had that 3 week itch thing... and then after the month was up at the beginning of this week, I had that "meh" feeling, so I'm glad I read about that - it was nice to be vigilant.

- a week today I'll be going to my first funeral as a non-smoker...

There's a theme with my smoking challenges, isn't there?! So far, I'm really trying to identify things which might be a bit tricky so that I don't get complacent.

Here are the benefits I'm experiencing so far:

- skin looks a lot better. I think i look about 2 years younger than I did before

- teeth feel better

- I don't stink. I walked past someone in the supermarket yesterday who reeked of cigs and I thought "oh no!! that used to be me! how embarrassing! poor chap doesn't know how bad he smells, just like I didn't realise either!"

- I can't claimed to have saved any money because if I get restless in the afternoon (I work from home) i walk to the chemist and buy a nail varnish and therefore I now have beautifully manicured nails all the time... and a nail varnish colour for almost every outfit :/

- I am sleeping so much better than I have in years. It's wonderful.

- I wake up feeling rested

- I feel less anxious, nervous and fidgety

- I feel brighter and more energetic.

On the less positive side, I have gained around 3 lbs. But, oddly, I had my annual check in with the endocrinologist yesterday where they weigh me and I weighed exactly the same as I did a year ago, even with those added 3 lbs. And I have had a horrid cold - I've been coughing up debris the size of small European principalities... I suppose it is good that the junk is clearing itself out...

Onwards! Wishing us all a lovely cig-free weekend.


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Welcome Lotika - what an excellent first post, congratulations on over 1 month smoke free, that is great. Well done too on overcoming the alcohol trigger that many find so difficult. I too stopped cold turkey 3 years ago on Sunday and drinking was not an issue for me - I smoked to deal with every day life and was my crutch. The flu like symptoms are perfectly normal and you are right to take it as a good sign that your lungs are clearing out. Lots and lots of water and a spoonful of raw honey every morning and night will assist this.

Keep up the positive attitude you have as it will stand to your success in this wonderful journey. Don't worry about weight gain, it can be addressed later when you are strong enough if needs be. Enjoy your new found taste of food :P

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

50 days smoke free now Lotika - how is things now?

KathieO100 Days Smoke Free

Wonderful introduction 😊. I can see you have more good than bad columns for pros and cons. Keep a list growing. I think you will find more to add as time goes on. Hope you get to feeling better soon and please stay in touch 😊

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Welcome Lotika and great going on the first month. Going out and drinking was the most tempting time for me also when I first quit. Probably for many of us.

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