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Day 19. Heart burn anyone?

Sarah_star6 Months Smoke Free
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Im not sure if this heartburn is quitting smoking related or the fact i ate a massive take away curry last night 😣 i have never suffered with heartburn before which is making me question if it is due to not smoking?? My throat feels really sore too and when i swollow a hot drink it feels like my pipe is raw ans sore. I have just brought some rennie tablets which seem to have helped. Anyone else had this or can offer some advice? Maybe it is the curry but it just seems strange.

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Hey Sarah_star - heartburn can be common after we stop and may develop into acid reflux(clearing of the throat) as the lungs and throat cilia (hairs) grow back. Your local chemist should be able to provide something for this. Definitely the raw honey as suggested before should help with this. Lemon sliced with water will give some relief too.

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