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day 19 and getting tougher


guys on day 19 of cold turkey and just cant seem to shift the cravens, a day feels like a week and this week feels like a year


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Alright Eamo, I am also on Day 19 CT so good on yer for getting this far, Drinking lots of water and chewing sugar free gum has helped me so give it a go!!

Hang in there buddy!!

Hi Eamo,

Hang tough, ride it out, it WILL get better.

Have you read this?:

Lots of people go through it around this time. You're not alone. Don't let it beat you.


just6 read it there now thanks peeps

anyone make it past week 3 yet? lol i can do it

@eamo976 can do it...Don't think about this "3 week" shit.....just take it one day at a morning/afternoon at a time. Congratulate yourself after you've done a few hours (I usually succumbed to a sausage sandwich or a chocolate bar...I know, I know....but I can address the flab later, right now I don't want to smoke!). If I can do it, you can. Think of your goal and make it happen. Think of the reasons you don't want to smoke. Scream, have a tantrum, come on here and rant...whatever but don't smoke. Before you know'll be day 21 and this week will be over.

My goal was just to get to the end of the day, usually after a nights sleep I felt better/different in the morning...if not and it was a fight again it usually was better by the 2nd morning.

Keep on trucking...Lisa x

yep nnnnineteen is harder than expected

one of hardest days of the lot since first three days,felt like a cig loads of times and feel like i am missing out, but i am not its the demons ,i just dont want to go back to day 1 no way £190 richer not completely skint for final week of month .

keep it up guys ,gotta get better.FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also on day 19. Don't give up...just keep up the fight. It will all be worth it when you look back and say I DID IT!!! Your clothes won't stink, your breath will smell better, but most will have more energy, your health will improve and you will live alot longer because you quit.

I have 5 grandkids and another on the way. My 5 y.o. grand daughter has been bugging mommy and daddy to quit. The other day I called and I asked to talk to her. When I told her I quit smoking her words were "Good for you grandma, thank you. I love you".

How in the world could I ever break this little girls heart by smoking again? It is worth it in so many ways....ppat

Don't give up the quit! NOPE...not one puff ever!!!

Day 19

Hey all

Well, also still here and also day 19. Have to say that this week has been the toughest I think and it is just the inner demons trying to tempt.

Stay strong, I can do this!!

Stay strong, We can do this!!

Almost out of this week 3 and heading for a month!!!

What an achievement is that and how proud are we!!!

Good luck people and stay strong




Just talking to my OH, he is still smoking. he has said that if I stay quit he will think about quitting also. I am trying to get him to stop now. Since I quit he has cut down to about a pack a day, lets get him down to 10 a day and then I will work on him walking away from them for good. I am not sure that I am strong enough yet to put up with him while he is quitting. He can be quite a baby at times...LOL ppat

He can be quite a baby at times...LOL ppat

That's unusual for a man...usually we are hairy arsed tough guys. What went wrong?

Do keep plugging away folks...the end result is just too good to miss out on and defo worth the effort. Helen's provided a very helpful link to help you get more information; Lisa has also given excellent positive advice.

When you're struggling and thinking that you can't cope with the cravings take a minute and realise that it's not the nicotine addiction...because that's gone. We say it's that ol' devil Nicodemon haunting you and enticing you back into a false position claiming that you'll be happier. NO YOU WILL NOT!!

Around about now I start advising Read and Educate...nothing different today. Get reading and educate yourself and understand why your craving, the absurdity of the terrible 3's syndrome, why new quitters struggle to sleep.

Keep on keepin'/truckin' on, quitting,


Thank you

I'm on day 18 (CT) and have found this week tough. Pretty tearful and anxious. It has helped massively to come home from work, pour a glass of wine and log on here to find others battling through it as well.

I truly believe we can all get through this.

I so nearly bought baccy after leaving work but sang RESPECT all the way home instead (as in self). People were crossing road to avoid me!

Thank you everyone, this forum is a big help.

I'm back again to join the 19 day club... it's been a real struggle, so thought I should call in for some reinforcements - thanks folks. C'mon day 19'ers - let's be back tomorrow and enter the new decade of Day 20....

Still v. stuffy and wheezy -but the lurgy has gone, it's just the smoking hangover remaining. Revolting in a mesmerising kind of way, that you can't really describe, but I hope you see what I mean.

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