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A new joiner on Day 19


Hello everybody, I've just found this site as I am having a bad day and whenever that happens I type stuff like "benifits of stopping smoking" into Google.

I'm really pleased to have found it as I'm on day 19 and at the moment I feel off my head with desire for a smoke. I know that it is a physical desire and I WILL NOT give in but I am going CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boy, even writing that made me laugh and I feel better already.

Just so you know, I'm 44 and started at the age of 15/16 and since my 30s have been 20 plus a day and probably double that when I'm out with the "lads" for the weekend.

I am on 4mg lozengers and I think they have been brilliant, I don't care if there is a placebo effect, just as long as there is an effect.

By the end of tomorrow there will be an extra 600 Benson & Hedges in the world because I haven't smoked them.


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Stick with it Dom. I quit the same day as you and can't believe the up and down ride it has been. I am determined that this is going to be the last quit though and I now actually believe myself when I say that - YAY!:)

There is a group of us November quitters if you fancy visiting that


And loads of the threads in here are very helpful if you need a prod in the right direction. There is usually somebody around if you need to rant. Stay strong and smokefree. We can do it!

As said above, stick with it. Although there are bad days or moments now, are they honestly as bad as the first few days, or when you had to make a long journey/spend a while without one whilst still a smoker?

Hopefully the answer is no, they are just bad compared to the way you were feeling a few days ago! Do you want to have to go through it all over again next time you decide to quit? No? Well then make there not have to be a next time! :D:D

School-marm Genes leaves the building!!!!


School-marm Genes leaves the building!!!!

I am liking the strictness

Ermmmmm......I too feel like a ciggy?? ;)

By the end of tomorrow there will be an extra 600 Benson & Hedges in the world because I haven't smoked them.


Evening Dom,

Welcome to the site and congrats on 19 days!!! Whoop whoop brilliant :D

Seeing the smokes you have NOT had mounting up, sure makes feel good doesn't it? and also think of the money you have saved too :)

This is a great place to be for tips and advice, so don't be stranger, even if you want to come and have rant... we will all be here for you!

Snowie xx


Hi everybody

I just wanted to say thanks for your support, yesterday afternoon at work was pretty tough.

Rather than catch the bus yesterday I walked home and I think it did me the world of good. I even went for a few pints with my smoking buddy of many years and I felt good about not popping out for a smoke every 30 minutes.

Today is day 20!

Thanks again everybody.



Glad to hear everything is going ok Domo - keep with it!!!!

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