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day 19


morning all

I got into work today and felt really good. They are doing a raffle this morning, so I am excited.

Then I find out that I have done my work all wrong and the mistakes are massive and involve legal letters so its really important. In pops the nicomint D:

I promise I will not smoke!

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Well done for not caving in under stress. I have had similar happen at work and I wanted to smoke but didn't. One day it won't be your first thought:)

Those first few weeks can be oh so difficult, but your holding tight to your quit, what I can say is, the longer the quit the weaker the crave.

I do hope your day improves, but doing amazingly well, going into your first month, truly fantastic, and maybe have a little treat planned, isn't it so lovely to not smell of nasty nicotine .

Big smiles from me, well done

aah i didnt win the raffle, but ive managed to obtain a tiny bag of haribo. Better than nothing. There were 41 prizes and 80 tickets and we had 1 ticket each, how unlucky, it was pretty much a 1 in 2 chance

hehe I had the normal blue packet and then I went back for more and got the red packet with the milk bottles in mmmmm

yeah and the marshmellow jelly hearts mmmmmmm

You have lovely hands Titch

bigger the hand, the more sweets/candy

Thanks for your advice Karen, and thanks Tractorgirl :D

Dear Sparkle,

You're doing fantastically well despite the work issues. There's always someone to chuck a curved ball your way but you've held firm and that's wonderful! :)

Eat sweets is what I say....

All the best for the rest of your day from me. :D

thanks skiddo, my working day is getting increasingly work, but you know what... I dont care :D Im totally rebelling. Im going to let chaos happen and watch

hi Tea

Im going to Harry Potter Studios london tomorrow. Im so excited, I am such a child lol

That's what it is called though "Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Get the complete Harry Potter Experience at

the Studio Tour"

I have been before, I wanted to go again for the xmas side of things, they have the castle covered in snow, the great hall decorated for xmas with all the food and crackers. They also show you how they do the footsteps in the snow when Harry is wearing the invisiblity cloak. I havent seen the dark arts section yet either. I cant wait :D

indeed, I liked the castle the best :D and the houses outside

they have a gift shop, you can get pretty much everything in there. like the every flavour jelly beans and chocolate frogs. You can buy the gowns and the wands etc

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