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No Smoking Day
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6 years of not smoking

Jan 19 marked my 6th year anniversary of not smoking. i very rarely think of smoking, and don't want a cigarette ever again. I do need to keep up my dopamine levels though: exercise and yoga does it for me. I get my "chemical fix" from yoga.

I quit smoking with Champix - the Champix didn't stop the cravings completely, but it did take the edge away. Once my sub-conscious registered that I was a non smoker the journey was easy. We quit smoking in the sub-conscious - once the sub-conscious gets the message it's easy to quit smoking.

All the best to those who are starting on the journey of becoming a non-smoker.

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Ah nonico, what a great introductory post, huge congratulations on 6 years smoke free, wow, that is amazing. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring and encouraging post - I am under 4 years behind you, stopped cold turkey, best achievement and decision of my life :)


Amen !!


What a lovely post Nonico. Must be wonderful to be where you are. Am close to 4months quit 1 month off chantix possibly struggling w a dopamine thing and starting exercise. So good of you to come back and share your success with us! Thank you.

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