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No Smoking Day
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What have you got to loose????

I know your reading this, as your thinking of giving quitting a try. Just wondering what it’s all about , indeed for many the motivation may be , financial, or maybe for the grand children, We all have personal reasons to quit, but most of all it should be for you., with a little help along the way, you can quit, with oh so many aids to assist if need be., each person here has had a day one, each and every person has got through day one, if you can do one day, you can do another. So come on board let’s start with day one, and as have said with nothing to loose, be proud and happy you want to quit, for you.

We all know the benefits of not smoking, so no one hear to preach, just here as long as you need us to be.

I know you have read this, I also know you want to quit, I also know you can can quit, like anything in this roller coaster of life, it has ups and downs, but so worth it.

So come on in settle down, for what is a wonderful family, with one goal in mind, and one goal only, to quit smoking.

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Very true. I think you need to have reasons to quit for the motivation.

A plan to how to ie-what method would best suit you.

And time. Some might think winter when its cold as they dont want to go out in the cold. Some might struggle with winter as they get slighty depressed and quitting could make that worse. Going for walks to distract yourself and exercise could be harder due to the weather.

Summer could be good, you feel better in yourself can get out more. Exercise walk etc. Others might struggle as they can smoke outside, you socialise more.

So I do think you need to have a plan of action to how it suits you.

And remember just think one day at a time. Your first plan might not work. Not the end of the world, think what went wrong and try again. It is the hardest thing in my opinion to quit. So keep trying one quit will click.


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