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No Smoking Day
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1 minute till its day 8 and i am a little edgey

Ok so day 1 to 7 was prity breezy with one or two setbacks which i mananged. I am now into day 8 but it is 12 am here and i cannot sleep. Not sure if it is due to giving uo smoking or the fact i am going back to work after 2 weeks of RnR. So here i am scrolling threw sum feedback and seen some conversations about day 8. Know u am a little concerned and would like some strategies if anyone can help as mmm i work with kids which is awesome but omgosh i gave up smoking cold turkey not that long ago. Any advise would be truly appreciated as i want to stay smoke free . Thankyou :)

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I think cold turkey could get really hard iv struggled I give up 9 weeks ago and struggled with hrt vaped patches no I’m on gum and sleeping wos a big issue breathing to getting all sorts of pains I never would of known I would get all this but I’m still smoke free ands it’s been so hard and I am still having moments no iv got this taste in me mouth and it’s all over my teeth it’s so strange I need find out if enyone as had this to it’s driving me mad but I hope you go on ok but if you need abit of help try the cum don’t suffer x


Wow day eight truly fantastic, I don’t give advice, as advice is based on someone’s personal experience, and that experience might not be yours!!!

But what I can say is, all these hills and mountains, soon become little pebbles, you hardly notice, just do what you need to, And the stronger you become, the weaker the craves, This does indeed take a little focus.

Be proud and happy you have come so far, you are strong, just keep going.

Lots of tips on pinned posts, so take a look, and you will get through day 8

You will. Just st keep going


The sleeping I think is a problem which ever way you quit. Mine was champix.

I think it was at least a month before it got better and the lack of energy and couldnt be bothered to do anything went hand in hand. You just have to ride it out Im afraid. If You have been smoking years you cant expect your body to adjust overnight. You are doing well be proud of what you are achieving.

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One of the best things that helps me when I crave is taking deep breaths, sounds silly but helps so much. Give it a try.

Day 8 smoke free, cold turkey and you are smashing it! All the nicotine is now gone from your body, it's all a mental battle now. Read and learn as much as you can about nicotine addiction, it helps x


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