No Smoking Day

Back Online And Its Day 8!!

I cannot believe how much I missed being able to post on this site in the last few days!! (I need to get out more often)...John, your posts made me laugh so hard...I will remain in the river as suggested!! Thanks all for being here. Today is my Day 8 on!! doing ok and no longer getting sick...but still feel really tired all day. I am already packed for Rincon, PR and currently have no less that 16 swimsuits (Im addicted to them) ..The cravings that I get are almost always in the morning when I have coffee. My dreams are getting quite interesting...I had another date with Johnny Depp!! Talk to you soon..

Smoke Signal

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nice to see ya back smokesignal. glad to see ya doing so well. keep it up. like your sign by the way. made me chuckle x


Me again..

I thought it would be fun to go shopping today for vacation but was so tired I had to come back. I wonder if I will always feel like this for the entire time on Chantix? I am planning on taking it for about one and a half months then weaning off of it. This may not seem like a lot of time on it but I am sure if I can make it past a month I will be ok. My husband is still smoking but I am not really tempted..I do hate the way he smells now though.


see how it goes x x plans may change as may the side effects!!

Your doing fantasticly SS!!

Well done i am so glad you found your way out of smoking x x

~Buffy x x


16 swimsuits :eek: pool anyone ....


Never fails...

John - You always manage to make me laugh when I dont feel like it...where in God's name do you find these photos anyway??



:D:D Well done :D:D


S'all owt dare Smokee ...

butt tells me dis ow dewya pranownce NY :confused:

is it Nu Yalk



Some NY lingo :

New York = Nu Yawk

Forget about it = FUGGITABOUTIT

What is up = SUP



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